Studies - Breast Cancer

Abortion – Breast Cancer (ABC) Studies for the Past 10+ Years Worldwide

From 1 Jan. 2005 to mid July 2015 (10 years + 6 1/2 months) there are 47 statistically significant Breast-Cancer/Abortion (ABC) studies.

For those who are “keeping score”, in this 2005-2015 time period, presently, there are internationally:

— 2 significant studies which find that Abortion cuts/decreases the Breast-Cancer risk
— 45 significant studies which find that Abortion boosts/increases the Breast-Cancer risk

To view the bibliography of all studies, visit:

As an analogy, “if the Boston Red Sox have 45 runs and the N.Y. Yankees have 2 runs and it is the top of the ninth inning, MOST announcers will acknowledge that the Red Sox are well ahead”.

The latest study (July 2015) considers women subjects in IRAQ.

All these 2005-2015 ABC studies can be found at: