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Ireland Reports 64 Cases of "Adverse Reactions" to HPV Vaccine

A report by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) has shown that a vaccination program using Gardasil, the drug created to combat Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease, has resulted in 64 cases of “adverse reactions,” including cardiac and allergic reactions and seizures.

The figures are leading some in Ireland to accuse the IMB is not showing due consideration for the health of young people vaccinated with the drug.

According to the IMB report, starting in May this year approximately 45,000 doses of Gardasil have been administered to Irish teens through their schools. As of the end of October, the IMB says that 55 reports of these adverse medical reactions have been received since the beginning of the Schools Immunisation Programme. The remaining complaints were received prior to the start of that program.

The cases included incidents of “malaise, headache, dizziness, fainting, fatigue and gastrointestinal symptoms.” Two cases of seizures were reported, one occurring in a patient with a history of epilepsy. Gastrointestinal symptoms included nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort and cardiac symptoms were cyanosis, tachycardia and “chest discomfort.”

Most commonly reported were cases of faints, “sometimes in conjunction with seizure-like movements, along with reports of dizziness and hyperventilation,” the report says. In addition, allergic reactions were also reported in two patients who experienced anaphylactic-type reactions. These symptoms included rash, urticaria and flushing.

“The majority of reports have been consistent with the expected pattern of adverse effects for the vaccine, as outlined in the product information,” the report said.

The Mothers’ Alliance of Ireland (MAI) has written to the IMB asking for a more full accounting of the reactions. Nora Bennis, MAI spokesman described the group’s “dismay” and anger that the IMB has not alerted schools or the general public of possible “implications of these adverse reactions.”

The MAI decried the “flippant manner” in which IMB spokesman Dr. Joan Gilvarry “dismissed the suffering of the young vaccinees who experienced these reactions.”

Dr. Gilvarry told the Irish Times on November 15, “We are not at all concerned at what we have seen.”

Bennis said, “The IMB is not at all concerned about anaphylactic shock and all the other adverse reactions reported? The IMB has no sympathy at all for the young people and their families who have suffered and who are still suffering? This public display of lack of concern just beggars belief.”

MAI has repeatedly contacted the IMB with information on possible dangers of Gardasil, Bennis said. “Young people are being put at risk of permanent damage to their health and welfare by the failure of the IMB and others in positions of authority to provide the full facts about this unsafe, unnecessary, ineffective and costly vaccine.”  

While these national vaccination programs, which are being carried out in the UK as well as Ireland, will make the drug’s manufacturer, Merck, billions in profit, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that Gardasil may be responsible for an unknown number of deaths.

In 2008, Judicial Watch, a public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, reported on records from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documenting 28 deaths in 2008 that may be associated with Gardasil, up from the 19 deaths in 2007.  

The total number of Gardasil-related deaths is 47 since the vaccine was approved in 2006. Overall, the FDA documented 6,723 “adverse eve

nts” related to Gardasil in 2008, of which 1,061 were considered “serious,” and 142 considered “life threatening.”

Of the 47 reported deaths, 41 occurred within a month of receiving the vaccine and of those deaths, 17 were within two weeks of receiving the vaccine.  In most of the deaths the cause is still unknown.

Dr. Diane Harper, director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, and a lead researcher in the development of Gardasil, told the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination in Reston, Virginia in 2009 that the drug is being “over-marketed” and the research on its potential side effects not properly carried out.

Dr. Harper told CBS news last year, “Young girls and their parents should receive more complete warnings before receiving the vaccine.” She said that a girl is more likely to die from an adverse reaction to Gardasil than from cervical cancer.

The National Vaccine Information Center has indicated that “although nearly 70 per cent of all Gardasil reaction reports were filed by Merck, a whopping 89 per cent of the reports Merck did file were so incomplete there was not enough information for health officials to do a proper follow-up and review.”

According to the American Journal of Public Health, on average, less than 10 percent of serious vaccine adverse events are ever reported.

[7 Dec 2010, Hilary White, Dublin,




Other Reports Related to the HPV Vaccine
(some of these may be duplicated elsewhere on this website)
HERE IS A SAMPLING OF ADVERSE EFFECTS…  from 2008 to present  (scroll down for latest items) from 2006 through 2007
*** [VAERS 1983-2008] 357 Events where the Symptom is spontaneous Abortion (miscarriage) — Chart and individual reports —
Gardasil, 18 Dead, Thousands Suffer Complications – [and this was in 2008!!]
"A 17 year old was vaccinated with Gardasil when she was about one week pregnant.  A subsequent ultrasound revealed that the fetus was positive for neural tube defect (a serious birth defect of the brain and spinal cord).  A 20 year old female was vaccinated with her first dose of Gardasil during pregnancy and had a spontaneous abortion 10 days later."  Vaccine Safety Manual  by Neil Z. Miller. p375
***11 Deaths, 28 Miscarriages, 3461 Adverse Reactions: HPV Vaccine’s Dark Side
Despite Deaths and Miscarriages, FDA Refuses to Investigate HPV Vaccine
Despite Deaths and Miscarriages, FDA Refuses to Investigate HPV Vaccine
    * Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:15 EST
By John Connolly
ROCKVILLE, Maryland, December 10, 2007 ( – Rather than investigate thousands of complaints of adverse effects including reports of miscarriage in a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, the FDA has chosen to ignore the complaints and continue paving the way to make the drug mandatory in schools throughout the U.S.
Gardasil, a vaccine designed to prevent HPV, was approved by the FDA in June 2006 for girls as young as nine years old. Since that time, more than 3,000 adverse reactions were reported to the FDA, including eleven deaths and twenty-eight miscarriages. The deaths were caused by blood clotting, one case in a girl who was only twelve years old.
Gardasil co-creator Ian Frazer and manufacturer CSL dismissed allegations of the deaths being associated with the drug, claiming the women died of unrelated causes.
The miscarriages were all caused soon after the administration of Gardasil, in girls and women who were not aware they were pregnant. Although the drug’s packaging states there is no evidence it will cause impaired female fertility or harm the fetus.
Despite the complaints, the FDA said it is only concerned about dizziness as a side effect immediately after the administration of the drug. FDA spokeswoman Karen Riley downplayed the miscarriages, saying that girls should have taken the drug before becoming sexually active, not after.
"If you’re pregnant, then it means you’ve been sexually active," she said. "So it would be somewhat dubious to get a vaccine you’re supposed to have before you’re sexually active."
Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia have already made the drug mandatory in their schools in an effort to prevent HPV, a sexually transmitted disease and the leading cause of cervical cancer.  Thirty-eight states are considering making the Gardasil vaccine mandatory as well.
Judicial Watch, a U.S. government watchdog organization, gathered the information on the drug’s adverse effects and traced its progress through legislation. Judicial Watch also noted large donations to key politicians originating from Merck, Gardasil’s developer.
"Merck lobbied for these mandates," said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton in an interview with Cybercast News Service. "There are moral issues here. But the primary issue is public health and safety. It’s interesting why our government downplays the apparent adverse reactions of Gardasil. Why are drugs with a distinct social agenda getting less scrutiny in the approval process?"
Concerned Women for America (CWA), an organization pledged to protect and promote Biblical values among all citizens, has expressed shock that the FDA would not take the reported incidents seriously.
"It’s interesting so many drugs have taken so long to process and these are approved almost immediately," said a spokeswoman for CWA. "The refusal to investigate is a disservice to women around the world."
See previous coverage:
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Drug Conglomerate funds campaign to impose Mandatory HPV Vaccine on Young Girls
US Death Toll Associated with HPV Vaccine Jumps to 11 with 3779 Adverse Reactions Reported
[6 Dec 2007,,2933,315466,00.html]


Tetanus Vaccine Being Linked to Future Abortions
The warning was given. It said that if contraception became accepted, a dangerous weapon would be put into the hands of public authorities who may not give a hoot about any moral law. Those weren't the exact words, but close. The warning went on and said that we would be putting the most personal and m

ost private element of marital intimacy at the mercy of intervening public authorities.
Was the warning correct? Judge for yourself.
In May, I received a letter from a CCL teacher in the Philippines. She wrote how the Department of Health was distributing a vaccine for tetanus which appeared to contain HCG along with the tetanus toxoid. The presence of HCG linked with the vaccine causes women who receive it to develop antibodies to HCG in addition to the tetanus.
Then, when they become pregnant, the HCG antibodies which they have developed cause them to abort.
Here is the section of the letter.
An event which is creating protests against the Department of Health is the vaccination against Tetanus. We have received an alert memo from Mexico that the Tetanus vaccines there contained HCG which has caused abortions. We distributed last February the memo from Mexico to our family life workers and bishops; updates on anti-HCG vaccines, and information on anti-HCG research.
Several vials of tetanus toxoid taken from a health center here showed the presence of HCG when examined at the Nuclear Laboratory of Makati Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital.
The Council of the Laity Manila, Families for Families International Foundation, Catholic Women's League, and Pro-Life Philippines filed a complaint for injunction with restraining order against the secretary of health. Because of this restraining order, the number of women who came for the March immunization was greatly reduced, creating protests from the DOH who claimed the tetanus toxoid to be safe; and that 25 babies were dying daily of tetanus.
People started having doubts about the vaccines when only women of child bearing age (14 to 44) were being immunized. There were also
reports of women having reactions and miscarriages after receiving the vaccines. An immunologist started examining the blood of the women who had miscarriages and found that they were positive for antibodies to HCG.
It was also learned from the ongoing hearings that the vaccines did not pass through the Bureau of Food and Drugs. The credibility of DOH
is now in question and also of the World Health Organization (WHO) on account of its special programs on anti-fertility vaccine research in
other countries.
At the moment, we are trying to educate our family life groups on how Beta HCG mixed with a carrier vaccine -this time tetanus- would
elicit the production of antibodies to tetanus and to HCG as well. Since HCG is a hormone that sustains pregnancy, an antibody that attacks
it produces an abortion.
DOH Secretary, Dr. Tan, said he will be inviting experts from abroad, while at the same time proclaiming
that the tetanus toxoid is safe.
It is, of course, despicable, and monstrously so, to
offer to women of child bearing age a vaccine to
protect them against a lethal disease which secretly
contains a time-release abortifacient so that the
vaccinated women miscarry future babies. This
seems to me to be a crime against humanity …
What to make of this? It was hard for me to believe what I read. Yet Paul VI, who gave the warning I referred to, saw it coming. I showed the letter to others in the office and sent a facsimile of it to a CCL teacher in the Czech Republic, to another in Poland, and to a third here in the United States. Each of them publishes a newsletter. I also sent a facsimile to a friend in Mrica, who told me a few years before that some health services had a program of vaccinating women to protect them from tetanus. He thought it peculiar that only women of child bearing age were targeted to receive the vaccine.
Men and children were at equal or greater risk for tetanus infection. He smelled a rat and wondered if the vaccine made the women infertile also.
I mentioned the letter to my daughter Ruth, who returned in June from Nicaragua where she had been teaching during the past year. Ruth recalled hearing about the exact same issue last September shortly after her arrival. Then in the June/July issue of HLI Reports James Miller wrote an excellent article concerning the tetanus vaccination program in the Philippines which clearly indicates that there is real evidence that a new dimension is being added to the abortion holocaust.
First, all the programs have been directed only at women of child bearing age. This has been explained as the intent to eliminate neo-natal tetanus. The question then arises why is neo-natal tetanus receiving a disproportionate amount of the available funding from WHO?
More could be done to reduce infant and child mortality by a reallocation of resources.
Second, the World Health Organization has been trying to develop a vaccine against pregnancy for over 20 years using HCG linked to a carrier, mostly tetanus toxoid. While it is called an antifertility vaccine, it is nothing less than a time-release abortifacient.
For a dozen years or more those who attended CCL classes have heard from our teaching couples at the second meeting, "It is a sad commentary on western civilization that drug firms on both sides of the Atlantic are working on anti-HCG and other drugs that will cause an abortion after
each conception." The work of WHO has not been any secret.
Third, vials of tetanus toxoid containing HCG have appeared in immunization programs in Mexico and the Philippines.
Fourth, some women in the Philippines were tested after being vaccinated against tetanus to see if they had HCG
antibodies. They did.
If at this point the evidence is circumstantial, it is nevertheless strong. Or in other words if the smoking gun has not yet been found, the smell of gun smoke is in the air, enough so that the whole business should be investigated by the U.S. Congress, on the grounds that the U.S. Congress contributes U.S. tax dollars to the funding of WHO. James Miller reported that HLI has asked for such an investigation.
It is, of course, despicable, and monstrously so, to offer to women of child bearing age a vaccine to protect them against a lethal disease which secretly contains a time-release abortifacient so that the vaccinated women miscarry future babies.
This seems to me to be a crime against humanity, and society deserves to be protected against people who commit crimes against humanity. But even if we could round them all up and throw them in jail, it wouldn't stop the problem because others would take their
place tomorrow.
The problem is that we are fast exchanging the culture of life for the culture of death.
Too many of our leaders and opinion shapers think that technology can replace morality.
Why be chaste if there is birth control? This mentality persists in spite of the fact that over and over again in place after place the sense of the sacredness of human life is eliminated when the life generating potential of the marriage act is deliberately eliminated.
Shout it from the house tops:
"Contraception is killing us! Contraception is killing us!"
Here is the warning of Paul VI I referred to earlier:
Let it be considered also that a dangerous weapon would thus be placed in the hands of those public authorities who take no heed of moral
exigencies. Who could blame a government for applying to the solution of the problems of the community those means acknowledged to be licit
for married couples in the solution of a family problem? Who will stop rulers from favoring, from even imposing upon their peoples, if they
were to consider it necessary, the method of contraception which they judge to be most efficaciou

s? In such a way men, wishing to avoid individual, family, or social difficulties encountered in the observance of the divine law, would reach the point of placing at the mercy of the intervention of public authorities the most personal and most reserved sector of conjugal intimacy.
– William N. Corey
Editor's note: We thank all those who have supported the efforts of CCL to preserve and protect the culture of life for tens of thousands of families in this country and around the world through value oriented natural family planning classes.
[September-October 1995, CCL Family Foundations]
Are New Vaccines Laced with Birth-Control Drugs?          

During the early 1990s, the World Health Organization (WHO) had been overseeing massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in a number of countries, among them Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.

In October 1994, HLI received a communication from its Mexican affiliate, the Comite' Pro Vida de Mexico, regarding that country's anti-tetanus campaign.

Suspicious of the campaign protocols, the Comite' obtained several vials of the vaccine and had them analyzed by chemists. Some of the vials were found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy.
    hCG and Anti-hCG Antibodies
    In nature the hCG hormone alerts the woman's body that she is pregnant and causes the release of other hormones to prepare the uterine lining for the implantation of the fertilized egg. The rapid rise in hCG levels after conception makes it an excellent marker for confirmation of pregnancy: when a woman takes a pregnancy test she is not tested for the pregnancy itself, but for the elevated presence of hCG.
    However, when introduced into the body coupled with a tetanus toxoid carrier, antibodies will be formed not only against tetanus but also against hCG. In this case the body fails to recognize hCG as a friend and will produce anti-hCG antibodies. The antibodies will attack subsequent pregnancies by killing the hCG which naturally sustains a pregnancy; when a woman has sufficient anti-hCG antibodies in her system, she is rendered incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.(1)
    HLI reported the sketchy facts regarding the Mexican tetanus vaccines to its World Council members and affiliates in more than 60 countries.(2) Soon additional reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormones began to drift in from the Philippines, where more than 3.4 million women were recently vaccinated. Similar reports came from Nicaragua, which had conducted its own vaccination campaign in 1993.
    The Known Facts
    Here are the known facts concerning the tetanus vaccination campaigns in Mexico and the Philippines:
    * Only women are vaccinated, and only the women between the ages of 15 and 45. (In Nicaragua the age range was 12-49.) But aren't men at least as likely as young women to come into contact with tetanus? And what of the children? Why are they excluded?
    * Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone has been found in the vaccines. It does not belong there — in the parlance of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, the vaccine has been "contaminated."
    * The vaccination protocols call for multiple injections — three within three months and a total of five altogether. But, since tetanus vaccinations provide protection for ten years or more, why are multiple inoculations called for?(3)
    * WHO has been actively involved for more than 20 years in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG tied to tetanus toxoid as a carrier — the exact same coupling as has been found in the Mexican-Philippine-Nicaragua vaccines.(4)
    The Anti-Fertility Gang
    Allied with the WHO in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine (AFV) using hCG with tetanus and other carriers have been UNFPA, the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, the Population Council, the Rockefeller Foundation, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and a number of universities, including Uppsala, Helsinki, and Ohio State.(5) The U.S. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (part of NIH) was the supplier of the hCG hormone in some of the AFV experiments.(6)
    The WHO begain its "Special Programme" in human reproduction in 1972, and by 1993 had spent more than $356 million on "reproductive health" research.(7) It is this "Programme" which has pioneered the development of the abortificant vaccine. Over $90 million of this Programme's funds were contributed by Sweden; Great Britain donated more than $52 million, while Norway, Denmark and Germany kicked in for $41 million , $27 million, and $12 million, respectively. The U.S., thanks to the cut-off of such funding during the Reagan-Bush administrations, has contributed "only" $5.7 million, including a new payment in 1993 by the Clinton administration of $2.5 million. Other major contibutors to the WHO Programme include UNFPA, $61 million; the World Bank, $15.5 million; the Rockefeller Foundation, $2.5 million; the Ford Foundation, over $1 million; and the IDRC (International Research and Development Centre of Canada), $716.5 thousand.
    WHO and Philippine Health Department Excuses
    When the first reports surfaced in the Philippines of tetanus toxoid vaccine being laced with hCG hormones, the WHO and the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) immediately denied that the vaccine contained hCG. Confronted with the results of laboratory tests which detected its presence in three of the four vials of tetanus toxoid examined, the WHO and DOH scoffed at the evidence coming from "right-to-life and Catholic" sources. Four new vials of the tetanus vaccine were submitted by DOH to St. Luke's (Lutheran) Medical Center in Manila — and all four vials tested positive for hCG!
    From outright denial the stories now shifted to the allegedly "insignificant" quantity of the hCG present; the volume of hCG present is insufficient to produce anti-hCG antibodies.
    But new tests designed to detect the presence of hCG antibodies in the blood sera of women vaccinated with the tetauns toxoid vaccine were undertaken by Philippine pro-life and Catholic groups. Of thirty women tested subsequent to receiving tetanus toxoid vaccine, twenty-six tested positive for high levels of anti-hCG! If there were no hCG in the vaccine, or if it were present in only "insignificant" quantities, why were the vaccinated women found to be harboring anti-hCG antibodies? The WHO and the DOH had no answers.
    New arguments surfaced: hCG's apparent presence in the vaccine was due to "false positives" resulting from the particular substances mixed in the vaccine or in the chemicals testing for hCG. And even if hCG was really there, its presence derived from the manufacturing process.
    But the finding of hCG antibodies in the blood sera of vaccinated women obviated the need to get bogged down in such debates. It was no longer necessary to argue about what may or may not have been the cause of th

e hCG presence, when one now had the effect of the hCG. There is no known way for the vaccinated women to have hCG antibodies in their blood unless hCG had been artificially introduced into their bodies!
    Why A Tetanus Toxoid "Carrier"?
    Because the human body does not attack its own naturally occurring hormone hCG, the body has to be fooled into treating hCG as an invading enemy in order to develop a successful anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG antibodies. A paper delivered at the 4th International Congress of Reproductive Immunology (Kiel, West Germany, 26-29 July 1989) spelled it out: "Linkage to a carrier was done to overcome the immunological tolerance to hCG."(8)
    Vaccine Untested by Drug Bureau
    After the vaccine controversy had reached a fever pitch, a new bombshell exploded; none of the three different brands of tetanus vaccine being used had ever been licensed for sale and distribution or registered with the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), as required by law. The head of the BFAD lamely explained that the companies distributing these brands "did not apply for registration."(9) The companies in question are Connaught Laboratories Ltd. and Intervex, both from Canada, and CSL Laboratories from Australia.
    It seemed that the BFAD might belatedly require re-testing, but the idea was quickly rejected when the Secretary of Health declared that, since the vaccines had been certified by the WHO — there they are again! — there was assurance enough that the "vaccines come from reputable manufacturers."(10)
    Just how "reputable" one of the manufacturers might be is open to some question. In the mid-`80s Connaught Laboratories was found to be knowingly distributing vials of AIDS-contaminated blood products.(11)
    At this juncture, evidence is beginning to appear from Africa.(12) HLI has called for a Congressional investigation of the situation, inasmuch as nearly every agency involved in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine is funded, at least in part, with U.S. monies.
    (1) "Abortifacient vaccines loom as new threat," HLI Reports, November 1993, pp. 1-2.
    (2) World Council Reports, 28 November 1994, pp. 4-5.
    (3) A call placed by this writer on 5 May 1995 to the Montgomery County (Maryland) Health Department, Epidemology Division — Infectious Diseases — Adult Immunizations, elicited the following information:
        Q. For how long a time does the tetanus vaccination offer protection?
        A. 10 years.
        Q. Have you ever heard of any adult requiring three tetanus vaccinations within a 3 or 4 month time period, and a total of 5 vaccinations in all within a year or so?
        A. Whaaaat! Never. No way!
    Reports from the Philippines appear to confirm the 10-year immunity afforded by tetanus toxoid vaccinations: prior to the campaigns begun in 1993, the so-called booster shots were given only every 10 years.
    (4) More than a score of articles, many written by WHO researchers, document WHO's attempts to create an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing tetanus toxoid as a carrier. Some leading articles include:
        "Clinical profile and Toxicology Studies on Four Women Immunized with Pr-B-hCG-TT," Contraception, February, 1976, pp. 253-268.
        "Observations on the antigenicity and clinical effects of a candidate antipregnancy vaccine: B-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin linked to tetanus toxoid," Fertility and Sterility, October 1980, pp. 328-335.
        "Phase 1 Clinical Trials of a World Health Organisation Birth Control Vaccine," The Lancet, 11 June 1988, pp. 1295-1298. "Vaccines for Fertility Regulation," Chapter 11, pp. 177-198, Research in Human Reproduction, Biennial Report (1986-1987), WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (WHO, Geneva 1988).
        "Anti-hCG Vaccines are in Clinical Trials," Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, Vol. 36, 1992, pp. 123-126.
    (5) These institutional names are garnered from the journal articles cited in the previous footnote.
    (6) Lancet, 11 June 1988, p. 1296.
    (7) Challenges in Reproductive Health Research, Biennial Report 1992-1993, World Health Organization, Geneva, 1994, p. 186.
    (8) G.P. Talwar, et al, "Prospects of an anti-hCG vaccine inducing antibodies of high affinity…(etc)," Reproductive Technology 1989, Elsevier Science Publishers, 1990, Amsterdam, New York, p. 231.
    (9) "3 DOH vaccines untested by BFAD," The Philippine Star, 4 April 1995, pp. 1, 12.
    (10) "BFAD junks re-testing of controversial shot," Manila Standard, 7 April 1995; "DOH: Toxoid vaccines are safe," The Philippine Star, 7 April 1995.
    (11) "Ottawa got blood tainted by HIV." Ottawa Citizen, 4 April 1995.
    (12) A nearly two-year old communique from Tanzania tells a familiar story: tetanus toxoid vaccinations, five in all, given only to women aged 15-45. Nigeria, too, may have been victimized; see The Lancet, 4 June 1988, p. 1273.
    Credit: Copyright June/July 1995 by James A. Miller, special correspondent for Human Life International. This article was originally published in HLI Reports, Human Life International, Gaithersburg, Maryland; June/July 1995, Volume 13, Number 8. Permission to reprint granted to Thinktwice/New Atlantean Press.
Anti Pregnancy Vaccine – Tetanus Toxoid
Anti-pregnancy element found in tetanus vaccines
by Paul Gallagher
More than a year ago, HLI Reports brought its readers an alarming front-page report about the Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine campaigns then underway in Mexico and the Philippines.
Pro-life sources within those countries made a startling allegation – that these government-supplied vaccines contained an anti-pregnancy hormone that caused unsuspecting women
to abort their unborn children.1
Pro-abortion groups and government officials in those countries and at the World Health Organization (WHO) reacted sharply. They angrily denied the reports and accused HLI of
trying to frighten women out of getting vaccinations necessary for their health and well-being. They rejected HLI's call for a Congressional investigation as symptomatic of a
supposedly paranoid mindset.
Now an official government study in the Philippines lends credence to what HLI first reported so many months ago. A recently released expert study, commissioned by the
Philippine Department of Health and the Philippine Medical Association, provides additional evidence that the vaccines supplied by the WHO are indeed contaminated with Human
Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG)

, a hormone essential for maintaining pregnancy.2
"The study shows that HCG, which should not be in the vaccine is, in fact, in the vaccine," Sen. Francisco S. Tatad said. "The vaccine is contaminated, not pure."
What is HCG?
HCG is commonly referred to as the "pregnancy hormone" because elevated levels of HCG in a woman's body is one of the most reliable markers of pregnancy. (In fact, pregnancy
tests are usually tests for HCG.) It causes the release of other hormones which are essential for facilitating implantation of the fertilized egg.
Adding HCG to a vaccine such as the Tetanus Toxoid, however, leads the body to form anti-bodies against both tetanus and HCG. Once a woman has accumulated antibodies
against HCG in her system, she can no longer maintain a pregnancy. When she becomes pregnant, anti-HCG antibodies cause a miscarriage by "disabling or deactivating" the HCG
needed for implantation.3
Prior evidence mounts
Pro-life groups in these countries became suspicious long before HCG was first detected in the vaccines. For one thing, only women of reproductive age (between the ages of 15-45)
were being vaccinated; men and children were inexplicably excluded, even though they would seem just as likely to contract tetanus.
In addition, the vaccination protocols called for multiple injections – three within three months and five altogether. Yet a single tetanus shot is good for 10 years or more.
More importantly, the pregnant women who had received the injections began complaining of symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and early miscarriages – odd reactions, indeed, if
all they had received were tetanus shots.4
Vaccine in the works
The presence of HCG in the Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine, which has now been administered to millions of women in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines, comes as less of a shock
when one considers the fact that the WHO has been trying to develop an anti-fertility vaccine for more than two decades. Reports of its progress have appeared in various medical
journals since the early 1970s.
A 1988 article in The Washington Post highlighted the latest findings in the search for a "contraceptive" vaccine. Dr. Jose Barzelatto of the World Health Organization how
researchers felt "optimistic" about the successful trials they had conducted on animals such as baboons. But, he cautioned, "we really don't know until they test women and find out
if they get pregnant."5
In light of what has been happening to pregnant women in countries where the WHO has been conducting vaccine campaigns, it's fair to ask: Has someone surreptitiously
continued WHO's experiments, simply transferring them from animals to humans?
Whither the pro-aborts?
Pro-abortion groups have remained understandably silent following the release of this official study. There is little they can say to defend the covert nature of the WHO's
anti-fertility campaign. After criticizing HLI so harshly before, and so recklessly defending the vaccines, they have squandered a great deal of their credibility.
Last year, the Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights, based in the Netherlands, did not hesitate to label HLI's report "irresponsible and dangerous" and charged that HLI
was "endangering people's lives."6 The World Health Organization maintained that such reports were "completely false and totally without any scientific basis."7
Neither group has offered any comment now that the case against the vaccines has been strengthened. The media have in effect labeled this explosive story a "non-issue" by their
silence. HLI, however, will keep you informed.
Paul Gallagher is editor of HLI Reports.
1 "Baby-killing vaccine: is it being stealth tested?," HLI Reports, June/July 1995, p. 1.
2 "Experts confirm contaminated anti-tetanus vaccines," News release from the Office of Senator Francisco S. Tatad, 4 September 1996.
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Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm
The 1990 Workshop on Pertussis Vaccination
In 1990, a Workshop on Neurologic Complications of Pertussis and Pertussis Vaccination was convened. It concluded that pertussis vaccines are not standardized between manufacturers, that vaccines are not standardized by each manufacturer from one batch to another, that there is no inherent difficulty in assigning cause and effect to the vaccine and subsequent permanent neurological damage, that there was sufficient experimental data to implicate both endotoxin and pertussis toxin in adverse neurological reactions to pertussis vaccine, and that there was a consensus between neurologists that the seizures following pertussis vaccination could not accurately be described as "febrile convulsions" because they are not necessarily benign. Incredibly, in the face of their own conclusions, they released a report that concluded "there is no demonstrated association between DPT vaccination and SIDS, because sudden death after pertussis vaccination is too rare to be detectable in the context of presently available series." There are 10,000 cases of SIDS in the United States each year. The conspiracy runs deep. In the 1990 Journal of the American Medical Association an editorital clearly labelled vaccine-induced encephalopathy "a myth", ironically accusing the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) "and other well-meaning physicians" of "joining forces with parents groups and lawyers." Ironic, because the AAP was the one who recommended in 1992 that babies in the United States should be given five doses of pertussis vaccine. It is interesting how the AAP changed their tune within two years. The end result of this insanity led to the formation of the National Vaccine Injury Program.
Another bit of irony is that finally in 1992, the Institute of Medicine admitted that "the evidence is consistent with a causal relation between DPT vaccine and acute encephalopathy, defined in the studies reviewed as encephalopathy, encephalitis or encephalomyelitis, and the evidence indicates a causal relation between DPT vaccine and anaphylaxis, between the pertussis component of DPT vaccine and protracted, inconsolable crying." In other words, brain damage in progress.
Harvard Medical School and Federal Drug Administration Tests on DPT Vaccine
Almost 50 years ago in 1948 two Harvard Medical School scientists, Randolph Byers and Frederick Moll, carried out tests on DPT vaccines at Children's Hospital in Boston and concluded that severe neurological problems followed administration of DPT vaccines. The results of the tests were published in Pediatrics, a respectable medical journal. They were ignored by the medical and pharmaceutical community, who had a vested financial interest in continuing the practice. In 1976, Charles Manclark, an FDA scientist, remarked that "the DPT vaccine had one of the worst failure rates of any product submitted to the Division

of Biologics for testing."
DPT Trivalent Vaccine Composition and Physiological Action
Approximately 3.3 million children are injected each year with DPT vaccine, which is composed of the toxoids of diphtheria and tetanus, along with whole cells of pertussis bacteria. Again, toxoids are defined as the toxins emitted by organisms when they grow in a culture. Tetanus toxins are produced in culture consisting of beef heart infusion, containing by nature animal bacteria, viruses and antigens foreign to the human body, as well as dextrose (sugar), sodium chloride (salt) and casein (a bovine milk by-product). Diphtheria toxoids are produced in a similar manner. They used to be produced from antibodies gained from blood of horses injected with diphtheria bacteria. After it has been determined that a sufficient amount of toxic by-products have been produced, the cultures are filtered to obtain a reasonably clear solution containing the toxic cellular by-products of the bacteria, plus animal viruses and foreign protein antigens. Formalin is added to cause any particles left to clump. Formalin is a derivative of formaldehyde (a carcinogen used to embalm bodies). Wood alcohol, methanol (toxic) is added to cause the toxoid particles to precipitate into a fine powder. Whole cells of deadly pertussis bacteria that have been killed by thimerosal ( also known as merthiolate), a mercury compound, are added to the mixture. Over 35mg of thimerosal will kill a rabbit. Thimerosal also destroys the "potency" of the vaccine, affects growth patterns of human cells it comes into contact with, and inhibits the action of human white blood cells, inhibiting the process of phagocytosis. Thimersol is five times more toxic to human cells than it is for Staphlococcus bacteriaand, as a mercury compound, produces an allergic reaction in the body.
A substance called an "adjuvant", which initiates reactionary antibody formation, is added. Common adjuvants are aluminum hydroxide and aluminum potassium sulfate. The mixture is then put into vials for injection into children. In the body, the formalin coating dissolves, releasing all bacterial and viral particles from animal culture sources. The thimerosal and adjuvant chemicals irritate the body tissues and increase the action of accompanying bacteria and viruses, as well as the reaction of the immune system to the foreign protein antigens, severely damaging neurological membranes, especially in babies and children, where the myelin sheath has only partially protected the nervous system, resulting in mild to severe neurological damage, production of learning disabilities and other nervous system disorders, or death, especially upon subsequent injections where the cellular structure of the body has already been sensitized, promoting allergic reactions and responses of increasingly severe nature.
Promotion of Disease Processes By Chemicals in Vaccines
Between 1940 and 1955, it was noticed that children who had been recently injected with pertussis vaccine suffered paralytic polio at an increased frequency over those who had not received pertussis vaccine. During a polio outbreak in Minnesota in 1946, eighty-five children came down with polio. Thirty-three of them had recently received pertussis vaccine five to nineteen days earlier, and the limb injected with the pertussis vaccine was paralyzed in 58% of the children affected. In 1949, the risk of contracting paralytic polio for infants was four times higher if they received a diphtheria-pertussis injection within the previous six weeks before exposure to the virus, as compared to an un-injected group of control infants. In 1953, research on a polio epidemic on some Pacific islands revealed that the children on the island, who were receiving weekly injections of a solution of mercury, arsenic and bismuth to combat an infestation of spirochetes, experienced polio at ten times the rate of children on the islands not receiving the treatment.
The 1954 study on "Provoking and Localizing Factors in Poliomyelitis," conducted by Trueta and Hodes and published in Lancet, journal of the British Medical Association, outlined research performed since 1900 on diverse factors that appeared to increase the severity of poliomyelitis or localize it to a specific area in the nervous system. As early as 1920, researchers were sure that the polio virus migrated through the body by way of the circulatory system. This bit of research prompted Trueta and Hodes to make the suggestion that the factors which influence the severity and localization of polio might somehow modify the pattern of blood vessels in the nervous system, increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, giving polio easier access to both the brain and the nervous system. Experiments with formalin and other substances illustrated that these type of substances caused engorgement of blood vessels in areas corresponding to areas of paralysis. Their research, and subsequent work, has confirmed that some of the substances such as formalin that are routinely added to vaccines have the effect of increasing the severity of disease and the probability of death, depending on the bacterium or viruses that are injected with these chemicals.
A subsequent study in 1954 by the Medical Research Council of Great Britain revealed that diphtheria-pertussis vaccines, especially those precipitated using aluminum compounds, predisposed children to paralytic polio. In 1957, the eminent biologist Dubos proved that when pertussis vaccines or killed mycobacteria were injected into animals infected months earlier with small doses of bacteria, the subsequently injected bacteria multiplied explosively. In other words, pertussis vaccine is able to accelerate latent infections into active acute infections. Since medical authorities fail to thoroughly examine people injected with vaccines, they cannot detect latent infections which can be reactivated by injection of vaccines and accompanying chemical preservatives and bacteriostatic drugs.
Total Annual DPT Statistics for the United States
DPT vaccines, no matter what the formulation, appear to have a devestating effect on the neurology of American children. Out of 3.3 million babies, infants and toddlers injected each year, over 33,000 experience acute neurological reactions, with 8,500 experiencing convulsions and/or collapse, and over 16,000 have episodes of high-pitched screaming indicating brain damage in progress. The general complication rate with DPT vaccine is estimated to be over 10,000 for every million injected. If 33,000 postmen shot themselves in the head each year, would there be notice taken of it? The fact that the slaughter and injuries have not stopped is due more to lack of mass awareness of the dimension of the problem.
Efforts at Population Control Using Tetanus Toxin as a Carrier
Leading Edge Research is a member of the National Vaccine Information Center, and as such we have access to a continual flow of valuable data and information concerning activities within the vaccination paradigm. One of the more interesting things to arise in 1995 was the revelation that the World Health Organization (WHO), in concert with the Centers for Disease Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Bank, the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Population Council, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and several universities, including those at Helsinki, Uppsala and Ohio State University, have been working for nearly 25 years on an anti-fertility vaccine using hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) tied to a tetanus toxoid vaccine. Two decades of medical journals have detailed their progress. By injecting a woman with hCG, using tetanus toxoid as a carrier, the woman's immune system not only produces antibodies against tetanus, but also produces anti-bodies against hCG. When the woman su

bsequently becomes pregnant, the hCG antibodies will cause her to abort her baby because there will be too little hCG (normally needed to maintain a pregnancy) in her body.
In June 1995, Human Life International, a large human rights and pro-life organization, raised questions about the program, as well as the apparent activity of the WHO, where millions of unsuspecting women in Mexico, the Philippines and Nicaragua are being used as human guinea pigs in which they are injected with an anti-fertility vaccine but are told it was nothing more than a tetanus vaccine. After becoming suspicious of protocols in what the WHO billed as "a massive campaign to reduce the incidence of neo-natal tetanus", pro-life groups in the Philippines had vials of the vaccine independently tested and discovered that they contained hCG.
According to James Miller, who reported on the controversy in the June 1995 HLI Reports newsletter, when the first reports surfaced in the Phillipines, health officials at the WHO and Phillipine health agencies categorically denied the vaccine contained hCG. When confronted with lab test evidence showing the vaccine vials contained hCG as well as laboratory evidence that there were high levels of hCG antibodies in 27 out of 30 women who had been vaccinated, WHO officials started to make excuses. Now, why would they try to hide the fact that hCG was in the vaccine unless they knew they were doing something unethical?
According to Miller, "first they said there was no hCG in the vaccine , then they said there was, but it was in tiny amounts. Then, they said that hCG is part of the vaccine manufacturing process. Now, they are saying the tests to detect hCG are flawed and produce 'a lot of false positives'. But, there is one fact that cannot be disputed. There is no known way for the vaccinated women to have hCG antibodies in their blood unless hCG had been artificially introduced into their bodies."
Tetanus vaccine has historically been given to individuals every ten years as standard allopathic practice, despite the criminal nature of the procedure. Tetanus vaccine is usually given allopathically in the event of a severe injury. Evidence that vaccinating pregnant mothers "to prevent neo-natal tetanus" is illogical, anecdotal, and is not supported but any evidence whatsoever. It is interesting that the CDC is also recommending that pregnant mothers also receive AZT "to prevent transmission of HIV to babies" and that newborn babies receive AZT. Of course, AZT is an experimental chemotherapy chemical which is lethal to all cellular structures. Both instances constitute willful criminal negligence tantamount to genocide, both for mothers and babies.
According to the CDC, who has been promoting elimination of neonatal tetanus in the Third World, "hundreds of thousands of infants die from neonatal tetanus in mostly underdeveloped countries every year because they are born in unsanitary conditions and their umbilical cords become infected with tetanus bacteria." CDC protocols discuss "the need" for pregnant women to receive two injections of tetanus vaccine. The WHO tetanus campaign in the Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico (afta NAFTA?) targeted " all women of childbearing age and adult women" and injected with with three doses of vaccine within 90 days, following up with two more doses for a total of five tetanus shots. One Roman Catholic nun was quoted as saying that health officials "started vaccinating teenagers without their consent and were even going house to house." Human Life International is calling for a Congressional investigation, which NVIC endorses, to explore human rights abuses connected with the mass vaccination campaign.
Human Life International, as they indicated in HLI Reports (Vol 13 No.6 June 1995) placed an exploratory call to the Montgomery County (Maryland) Health Department, Epidemiological Division, Infectious Diseases and Adult Immunizations to inquire about the frequency of tetanus vaccinations. The answers provided by the Health Department were revealing:
Q: For how long a time does the tetanus vaccine "offer protection"?
A: 10 years.
Q: Have you ever heard of any adult requiring three tetanus vaccinations within
a 3 or 4 month time period, and a total of five vaccinations in all within a
year or so?
A: Whaaat! Never. No way!
So, even "standard allopathy" doesn't agree with the protocol that is being implemented by the WHO, in concert with the rest of the "anti-fertility gang."





AHRP Leads Opposition to Proposed Anthrax Vaccine Trial in Children
Friday, 08 July 2011

The Alliance for Human Research Protection speaks out against a US government-proposed anthrax vaccine experiment on children. Such an experiment would sacrifice children's welfare, much as canaries sent into the coal mines were sacrificed.    

The National Biodefense Science Board,convened a two day meeting of the  Anthrax Vaccine Working Group at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services. The July 7 meeting was open to the public, followed by a closed meeting on July 8.

Below are the written two-minute allotted public comments submitted by AHRP board members, Meryl Nass, MD and Vera Hassner Sharav. VHS attended the July 7 meeting and  will have a follow-up post.
Below these comments is an excerpt from the FDA-approved Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (Biothrax) label warning .

Meryl Nass, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Mount Desert Island Hospital
10 Wayman Lane
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
207 288-5082, ext. 1220   

 July 7, 2011

Dear NBSB members:

Performing experiments in non-consenting children, especially when they do not have a condition the experiment is designed to address, is carefully regulated.  Thus, according to Protection of Human Subjects in the Code of Federal Regulations (Part 46.407) a federal advisory committee must review the proposed research, and opportunity for public comment is required.

My fear is that the work you and I are expending on this question may be merely to meet the letter of the law, and not the spirit.

The intent of this federal law is to protect vulnerable child subjects from abuse by a research enterprise.  The bottom line on anthrax vaccine is that we do not have any idea how well it will work in humans.  Vaccinated monkeys and rabbits appear to do well after challenge… except that many vaccinated monkeys in Art Friedlander and Bruce Ivins’ tests 20 years ago did develop cases of anthrax, though they eventually survived.  Other species of animals do less well with the vaccine when challenged.

The vaccine is unsafe, due to a small percentage of severe illnesses that do not resolve. These often resemble Gulf War Syndrome, characterized by fatigue, chronic pain and other symptoms.  Don’t believe me:  ask Renata Engler, whose Vaccine Healthcare Centers staff have documented chronic illnesses in several thousand young anthrax vaccinees.  Ask why CDC officials told the GAO that 1-2% of vaccinees may develop illnesses resulting in disability or death.  Ask why CDC has failed to publish the final results of its clinical trial of 1564 subjects, though data collection ended in 2007.

Yes, the Defense Department has managed to produce plentiful literature supporting the excellent safety and efficacy profile o

f this vaccine.  DOD’s job is to fulfill its missions, not to win prizes for scientific accuracy or honesty.

The claims in the Q and A provided for parents of potential subjects are misleading or worse, and once children become ill those claims may come back to bite this committee and any others who signed off on the trial.
Meryl Nass, M.D.

The Alliance for Human Research Protection asserts that the proposed anthrax vaccine experiment in children is unethical and legally unapprovable.

1.  To date, the available evidence about the safety and efficacy of the anthrax vaccine is resoundingly negative, notwithstanding CDC and FDA unsubstantiated claims.

 Accepted public health practice balances risks and benefits to assure that benefits outweigh the risks–in this case, the benefits of anthrax vaccination are negligible compared to the anticipated substantial risks of morbidity and mortality for children exposed to the vaccine.

 Therefore, the proposed trial in children represents a deviation from the precautionary principle of medical ethics.  

2. US law prohibits exposure of children to greater than minimal risk if they don't have a condition that would benefit from the intervention being studied.

The only exception under US law, is if the research furthers "understanding, prevention, or alleviation of a serious problem affecting the health or welfare of children."

3. No evidence has been presented to show that anthrax is a "serious problem affecting children's health or welfare."  

·         Anthrax has never been used in any foreign terrorist attack or on any battlefield in world history.



·       The FBI concluded that the anthrax letters–the only instance of an anthrax threat to US citizens–was committed by a sole US army scientist who is dead.  So who threatens American children with anthrax?


·         There is no evidence of an anthrax threat.  Just as there was no threat of "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction."

4. However, the documented risks of exposure to the vaccine for children are substantial.

·                  The FDA label states:  "6% of reported adverse events were serious. These include events that result in death, hospitalization, permanent disability or are life-threatening."

·                  In 2007, a GAO report stated:

         "the Vaccine Healthcare Network and CDC estimate that between 1 and 2 percent of immunized individuals may experience severe adverse events, which could result in disability or death."

·                Between 2002 and 2007, CDC conducted a large, randomized, controlled anthrax vaccine trial in 1,564 US volunteers.  But CDC never published a report about the completed trial. WHY?

·         Failure to disclose the results raises serious concerns about the safety of the vaccine and the credibility of CDC claims.


5. Antibiotics were 100% effective at preventing anthrax in thirty thousand people who may have been exposed to spores from the anthrax letters and used them.  No one who was treated after exposure, if they were not already ill, developed anthrax-related illness.  Although 198 people received some vaccine after exposure to the anthrax letters, none appear to have benefited, as the unvaccinated population was entirely protected by 60 days or less of antibiotics.

Given that the scenario of an anthrax risk is entirely speculative, exposing children to the documented serious risks of the vaccine, is unethical. Such an experiment would exploit children's vulnerability and legal incapacity to protect themselves from research that may harm them by refusing to consent.

The proposed anthrax vaccine trial would sacrifice children's welfare, much as canaries sent into the coal mines were sacrificed.  


Vera Hassner Sharav
Alliance for Human Research Protection
[14 July 2011, PFLI PharmFacts E-News Update]


Problems in Rwanda with HPV Vaccine

This writer questions whether giving the controversial HPV vaccine to Rwandan girls and women is a good idea or not. The vaccine is supposed to prevent cervical cancer, but also has a long list of dangerous side effects. Questioning effectiveness, motives, and the "deal" that went on between this drug company and the Rwandan government, this writer digs deep to uncover some potential problems. [5 July 11,]

Big Pharma Targets Vulnerable African Communities With Dangerous Vaccines

Jeannette Kagame, the First Lady of Rwanda, is thrilled. Merck has promised to donate two million Gardasil (their cervical cancer vaccine) doses to the government of Rwanda over the next three years. And you can't blame her. More Rwandan women die from cervical cancer than any other cancer.

But if she genuinely believes that millions of Gardasil doses will solve her country's cervical cancer crisis, she should brace herself for a huge disappointment and make sure her country has a solid system for reporting adverse events.

Just a few days ago, Ms. Kagame told the press, "Starting this week, thousands of young Rwandan girls and women will have an opportunity to live their lives without the threat of what has been a potentially fatal illness."

The heartbreaking reality is that young girls and women who receive the vaccine WILL still live with the threat of the potentially fatal illness. They just won't know it.

As I've mentioned many (many) times, Gardasil is designed to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus that can cause cervical cancer. But its effectiveness remains largely unproven. And since no vaccine is 100 per cent effective, some of the girls will still contract the HPV, and some may develop cervical cancer. Others will discover that cervical cancer can occur without any HPV infection at all.

In other words, Gardasil does not create a magic cocoon that repels cervical cancer.

From what we know about Gardasil, we CAN predict that some of those girls currently being vaccinated may endure a living hell of side effects that could include seizures, muscle spasms, paralysis, pelvic pain, joint pain, vision loss, hair loss, enlarged liver, migraines, painful menstruation, and slurred speech.

What's far worse, of course, is that some may die. But their families will probably never suspect that the miracle vaccine from America could be to blame.

Making a slow buck

Meanwhile, Merck is setting up a nice little revenue stream.

They start by donating two million doses. Each dose costs about $130 each, so that's $260 million total. Do you suppose there's the slightest chance that there will be a tax break figuring into this humanitarian act?

And I can't help but wonder if there's any chance, with Gardasil sales dipping, those two million doses are nearing their expirat

ion dates and need to be used quickly.

But here's the most important question: What happens in three years when all two million doses have been delivered?

Mark Feinberg, Merck's vice president of medical affairs and policy, said that when the three-year introductory period is over, Rwanda is committed to paying for the vaccine at a "dramatically" reduced price.

I guess we'll have to wait to find out just how dramatic that price reduction really is. But for now, the word that jumps out is "committed."

What exactly is Rwanda's commitment? Have they signed, say, a 10-year contract? If so, what happens in three years, or five years, or 10 years, if cervical cancer rates are still high, and dozens of young women are experiencing horrible side effects? Will Rwanda still be obligated to purchase bulk quantities of Gardasil every year?

Feinberg said that Merck is in talks with other African countries about setting up similar vaccine programmemes. I just bet they are! As long as Merck reps are in Africa, they might as well stick around and generate as many bulk- purchasing customers as possible.

There is one genuine plus in Rwanda's new cervical cancer prevention programme. Qiagen, a German diagnostics firm, is making a donation of 250,000 HPV tests. Now THAT donation could actually make an important difference because diligent testing is the best way to prevent and successfully treat HPV.

Too bad it's a package deal. If Rwanda could take the HPV tests and pass on the vaccine, they would start reducing cervical cancer risk today without putting hundreds of thousands of young girls at risk.

"Merck, Qiagen launch Rwandan cervical cancer deal" Reuters, 4/25/11,
"Rwanda: First Lady Leads Campaign Against Cervical Cancer" Edwin Musoni, All Africa, 4/27/11,
[1 July 2011, HSI e-Alert, UK Edition,]








16 New Deaths Tied to Gardasil
Comment: For those who are interested in the politics of vaccines, pasted below are interesting articles about Dr. Julie Gerberding, former head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. 

It was during Gerberding's time at the CDC when Gardasil was approved.  Dr. Gerberding now works for Merck (the manufacturer of Gardasil.)  In fact, according to the following article from Merck's website, "Dr. Gerberding will lead the company's $5 billion global vaccine business." J.C. 

[ED.: One wonders if the term "Conflict of Interest" has any meaning anymore…]

Dr. Julie Gerberding Named President of Merck Vaccines

Former head of CDC lands lucrative job as president of Merck vaccine division (opinion)

3-Part Investigative Series on Merck's Gardasil® Highlights Government Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Development, Approval and Safety Surveillance –

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, September 28, 2010
Judicial Watch Uncovers FDA Records Detailing 16 New Deaths Tied to Gardasil: Records Document 3,589 Adverse Reactions Related to Gardasil between May 2009 and September 2010, Including 213 Cases Resulting in Permanent Disability

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has received new documents from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), detailing reports of adverse reactions to the vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV), Gardasil. 

The adverse reactions include 16 new deaths (including four suicides) between May 2009 and September 2010.  The FDA also produced 789 “serious” reports, with 213 cases resulting in permanent disability and 25 resulting in a diagnosis of Guillian Barre Syndrome.

Adverse report excerpts include:

·         A nineteen year old girl with no medical history except occasional cases bronchitis received Gardasil and in 53 days, had “Headache, Nausea, dizziness, chilling, tiredness, shortness of breath, complained of chest plain, severe cramps.”  She experienced an Acute Cardiac Arrhythmia.  Attempts to resuscitate her resulted in a sternal fracture, but were unsuccessful and the patient died. – V. 356938

·         A thirteen year old girl was vaccinated on July 17th, 2009.  Ten days later, she developed a fever and was treated.  However, “the patient did not recover and was admitted to the hospital on [August 8th]…She developed dyspnoea and went into a coma…she expired [that day] at around 9:00 pm.  The cause of death was determined as ‘death due to viral fever.’ … This event occurred after 23 days of receiving first dose of Gardasil.  – V. 380081

·         Thirteen days after vaccination, a ten year old girl developed “progressive loss of strength in lower and upper extremities almost totally…Nerve conduction studies [showed Guillain Barre Syndrome].”  Case was “considered to be immediately life-threatening.”  – V. 339375

One mother of a 13-year old girl who died 37 days after receiving the vaccination noted in a report:  “I first declined getting her the vaccination but her doctor ensured me that it was safe…”  After her daughter complained of a severe headache, no feeling in her foot and a tingling feeling in her leg, a doctor’s appointment was set for October 23, 2009. 

“My daughter never made it to Oct[ober] 23rd, which is also her birthday,” the mother noted.  “She passed on Oct[ober] 17th, I found her cold unresponsive in her room at 7am….”

“To say Gardasil has a suspect safety record is a big understatement.  These reports are troubling and show that the FDA and other public health authorities may be asleep at the switch,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “In the meantime, the public relations push for Gardasil by Merck and politicians on Capitol Hill continues.  No one should require this vaccine for young children.”

In 2008, Judicial Watch launched a comprehensive investigation of Gardasil’s safety record. 

All previous FDA documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, as well as a Judicial Watch special report, entitled “Examining the FDA’s HPV Vaccine Records: Detailing the Approval Process, Side-Effects, Safety Concerns & Marketing Practices of a Large Scale Health Experiment,” are available at 

[September 28, 2010, Washington, DC,  FOR IMMEDIATE REL

EASE,  Contact: 202-646-5188,  Jill Farrell, Director of Public Affairs, Judicial Watch Inc. Founded in 1994, Judicial Watch Inc. is a constitutionally conservative, nonpartisan educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. JW is perhaps the most active FOIA requestor and litigator operating today;,]




National, State, and Local Area Vaccination Coverage among Adolescents Aged 13–17 Years — United States, 2009
[CDC, MMWR Weekly, August 20, 2010 / 59(32);1018-1023, ]

HPV GARDASIL & CERVARIX: India Halts HPV Vaccine Trial After Six Girls Die, U.S. Does Nothing in Response to 67 Deaths and Counting
The horrors caused by Merck & Co.’s Gardasil vaccine and GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Cervarix vaccine continue as six young girls recently died from the shots during an experimental Indian trial.

The two human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines have been implicated in at least 67 deaths in the U.S., prompting no response from U.S. officials other than to keep pushing it on the public, but the six deaths in India have prompted the government there to immediately stop all trials of the vaccines.
[; PharmFacts E-News Update, 13 Sept 2010]




Commentary: A Mother's Experience With Vaccinations

I couldn't pass up this opportunity to contact you and ask you to pass along my story to others.
I think there are many who are still completely in the dark about this and would truly appreciate the information.  And it's not just kids' vaccines that are at issue – it includes others like the shingles vaccine.

I used to work full-time in the pro-life movement and I think it was then that I found out that some vaccines had been derived from aborted babies.  I tucked the information away in my brain for future reference should I ever marry and have children.

Several years later when my son was born, I had already done all the research and found out which vaccines had been derived from aborted babies and I had also called my medical clinic to find out exactly which vaccines they used.  We declined the 'tainted' vaccines and we went ahead with the others.

My daughter was born just 16 months after my son and I assumed she would receive the same vaccines that my son had.

Unfortunately, my assumption was wrong and my daughter received 2 'tainted' vaccines before I realized that my clinic had switched brands on one vaccine.  My daughter's little body had been injected with a vaccine containing residual DNA from 'MRC-5' – the lung tissue from a male baby aborted at 14 weeks gestation in the UK in the 1970s.
I can't describe to you the absolute horror I experienced at this discovery!
I do not want anybody else to experience this!  Please join me in changing the horrible injustice that is being done, first of all, to the murdered babies that continue to be exploited and also for the injustice that is being done by plying these vaccines on an unsuspecting public.

To find out which vaccines are/aren't derived from aborted babies, go to and for the same information in another format go to .  

The website of COG for Life also has the addresses of all the pharmaceutical companies, information on obtaining exemptions from mandated vaccines, and information on The Fair Labeling and Informed Consent Act.
Their website has LOTS of good information —

The use of vaccines that have been derived from aborted babies is unacceptable!
Thank you for helping the precious little ones!




These are two short videos – a few minutes each

"I encourage parents to not to let their children be vaccinated. 

"David Icke, former BBC Sports Presenter is touring the world telling people the same thing – none of his 5 Grown Up children have ever been vaccinated and they are all perfectly healthy whilst many friends of his children were vaccinated as children and they often ended up very sick over the years whilst his children have never been sick EVER! 

"Many neurological illnesses like alzheimers, dementia, parkinsons and dozens of other diseases I am convinced are the result of vaccines that we had as children.

"See the two videos here:Two Videos in 10 minutes [which the HSE does not want you to see]."


Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award

The first court award in a vaccine-autism claim is a big one. CBS News has learned the family of Hannah Poling will receive more than $1.5 million dollars for her life care; lost earnings; and pain and suffering for the first year alone [ ].

In addition to the first year, the family will receive more than $500,000 per year to pay for Hannah's care. Those familiar with the case believe the compensation could easily amount to $20 million over the child's lifetime.

Hannah was described as normal, happy and precocious in her first 18 months.

Then, in July 2000, she was vaccinated against nine diseases in one doctor's visit: measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae.

Afterward, her health declined rapidly. She developed high fevers, stopped eating, didn't respond when spoken to, began showing signs of autism, and began having screaming fits. In 2002, Hannah's parents filed an autism claim in federal vaccine court. Five years later, the government settled the case before trial and had it sealed. It's taken more than two years for both sides to agree on how much Hannah will be compensated for her injuries.

Read Sharyl Attkisson's 2008 report on Hannah Poling —

In acknowledging Hannah's injuries, the government said vaccines aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder Hannah had which didn't "cause" her autism, but "resulted" in it. It's unknown how many other children have similar undiagnosed mitochondrial disorder. All other autism "test cases" have been defeated at trial. Approximatel

y 4,800 are awaiting disposition in federal vaccine court.

Time Magazine summed up the relevance of the Poling case in 2008: …(T)here's no denying that the court's decision to award damages to the Poling family puts a chink — a question mark — in what had been an unqualified defense of vaccine safety with regard to autism. If Hannah Poling had an underlying condition that made her vulnerable to being harmed by vaccines, it stands to reason that other children might also have such vulnerabilities."

Then-director of the Centers for Disease Control Julie Gerberding (who is now President of Merck Vaccines) stated: "The government has made absolutely no statement indicating that vaccines are a cause of autism. This does not represent anything other than a very specific situation and a very sad situation as far as the family of the affected."

[ September 9, 2010, Nine-year-old Hannah Poling is shown. (AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Spink)