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Screening/Testing For Genetic Abnormalities Can Prove To Be Inaccurate

Keep in mind that screening/testing for genetic abnormalities can prove to be inaccurate…

CYSTIC FIBROSIS SCREENING LED TO "UNNECESSARY" ABORTIONS, RESEARCHERS SAY "New Scientist" magazine has reported that a national U.S. screening program to test pregnant women and their partners for cystic fibrosis may have led to unnecessary prenatal tests and abortions. Representatives of the American College of Medical Genetics reported at a conference that in 20 cases, parents had amniocentesis tests – which can cause miscarriages – and some had abortions after being screened/tested for only one of two gene mutations that must be present for cystic fibrosis to occur. The president of the ACMG also told "New Scientist" that he knew of at least 150 cases in which unnecessary prenatal tests were carried out because of mistakes in interpreting the parents' tests. [Elliot Institute News Vol.2, No. 5 — 19May03 http://www.AfterAbortion.Info]