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Sierra Leone Parliament Votes to Legalize Abortion; Malawi Parliament Members Attend Pro-Life Forum

Sierra Leone’s Parliament voted to legalize abortion, approving the Safe Abortion Bill 2015.

The new law will permit abortion on demand for the first trimester, and in certain exceptions later in pregnancy.

The bill’s sponsor, Isatu Kabia, argued abortion needed to be legalized to be “safe”, and also said the country needed to pass the bill in order to domesticate the Maputo Treaty, to which Sierra Leone is a signatory.

The passage was celebrated by abortion advocates Ipas and Marie Stopes, both of whom have been working closely with the government.

A group of women assembled outside the parliament disapproved of the bill saying they would not want their children to have an abortion.

“Our religions do not permit such practice, so also is our culture,” said one woman.

“We were deceived today; we were given T-Shirts to come here without being rightly informed on the occasion,” lamented some women wearing T-shirts with the slogan ‘Child Bearing by Choice and Not by Force’.

Culture of Life Africa reacted to the vote stating, “Who would have thought that a nation still reeling and recovering from an Ebola epidemic would choose death for their unborn children? However, under the intense lobbying efforts of Ipas , a pro-abortion organisation headquartered in North Carolina , the Parliament of Sierra Leone passed the ‘Safe Abortion Bill 2015’ into law on the 8th of December .”

Obianuju Ekeocha, President of Culture of Life Africa, warned, “Today I call out to women and men across Africa to stay awake and be aware of the wiles and methods of the pro-abortion campaigners who care nothing for pregnant women but instead who are most keen to extend and impose their distorted worldview to every corner of the world.”

[from 2015: 47 New Pro-Life Laws Enacted in US; PNCI Global News_Dec 22, 2015]


Malawi: Members of Parliament Attend Pro-Life Forum

Members of Parliament in Malawi attended a pro-life forum hosted by Obianuju Ekeocha, founder of Culture of Life Africa.

Lawmakers– especially women– face increasing pressure from pro-abortion activists operating under the leadership of US NGO Ipas and its national and regional representatives to adopt the Termination of Pregnancy Bill– known as the Abortion Bill.

The bill would create exceptions in the law to allow abortion if the mother’s life was endangered, for physical or mental health, for rape or incest, and in cases when the baby has a disability.

Obianuju Ekeocha tweeted that she expected 50 lawmakers to attend but was delighted when 72 showed up.

During the forum the parliamentarians received information and heard passionate speeches on the core message that “No African country should embrace the lie and violence of abortion.”

[from 2015: 47 New Pro-Life Laws Enacted in US; PNCI Global News_Dec 22, 2015]