We Can Choose Our Actions but Cannot Choose the Consequences

Everyone has the Freedom to Choose their Actions, but they CANNOT choose the Consequences. 

Why is abstinence THE most important issue? 

The Consequences of promiscuity are the #1 Cause of:

– abortion (~53 million since 1973)
– single parenthood  
– over 1/3 of children are born out of wedlock
– divorce (50% of marriages end in divorce)
– improper bonding
– broken future relationships
– welfare (we've spent $12 TRILLION on welfare since the war on poverty began and we now have more poor than when we started)

– sexually transmitted disease (65 million young people have incurable STDs)   

We can add child molestation, sex trafficking, sexual addiction, and same-sex marriage, which are all related to an education system that does not transmit the time-tested values upon which our nation was founded. 

These are Consequences of a culture that has abandoned the principles of true Liberty…

[21 Dec 11, National Abstinence Clearinghouse e-letter, www.abstinence.net]