Abstinence - What is it?

Why Abstinence? Why Should I Control My Hormones?

How can I say "NO" without hurting his/her feelings?

  • I can just say "no"
  • I can say "no" as if I really mean it
  • I don’t have to give a reason
  • I can suggest we do something else (see Creative Dating Ideas)
  • I can simply say I don’t want to risk AIDS, cancer, warts, herpes blisters…
  • I will be assertive (I can speak up for myself and express my feelings)
  • I will stay calm
  • Stand up straight and look the other person in the eye
  • I won’t give in to pressure
  • I will set my limits BEFORE I get in a pressure situation
  • I will talk up front about my limits with my date
  • I will go out in groups in order to take the pressure off