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Every 38 seconds a woman lays her body down for an abortion, sacrificing her child because she lacks practical resources and emotional support.

About two-thirds of women who have abortions feel pressured to do so. They rarely have the critical information that abortion can dramatically increase their risk of breast cancer.

Even 1 abortion can increase a woman's chance of breast cancer by 90%.

Teens who have an abortion in their second trimester, have a history of breast cancer in their family, and do not have children later, have an 800% higher risk of breast cancer.

Women have the Right to Know about the LINK between abortion and breast cancer.

Women deserve full medical disclosure.

Women can handle it.

Women deserve better… than abortion.

["Abortion-Breast Cancer Link," Angela Lanfranchi, M.D. and Joel Brind, Ph.D.; Feminists for Life of America, 9/04]