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There is not a better time to get out and spread a pro-life message than right now!
HLA has made a list of great ways you can have an impact on your community this spring where our publications do the talking!

1) Campus Impact: If you are a college student, become a part of the 2015 Campus Impact Campaign by distributing HLA’s Campus Publication to your staff and peers. It can also be inserted into your school’s newspaper.

2) Dear Neighbor: Let your neighbors know you are pro-life by distributing The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood or Did You Know? door to door.

3) Local Events: Distribute the HLA publication of your choice at a local sporting event, fair or concert.

4) Be Spontaneous: Carry a stack of HLA publications with you and leave single copies in public areas (i.e. bathrooms, airports, bus seats, park benches, laundromats).

5) Sidewalk Counseling: Use HLA’s Street Magazine or The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood to help women turn away from abortion.

6) Pregnancy Centers: Provide a variety of HLA publications for your local crisis pregnancy centers.

7) Church Bulletins: Have HLA’s She’s a Child, Not a Choice inserted into your church’s bulletin.

8) 40 Days for Life: Carry HLA publications with you while you pray in case a passerby asks for more information on abortion.

9) School Presentations: Distribute HLA’s Campus Publication or Imposed Death to your class as part of a presentation.

10) Business Owners: Include a copy of HLA’s publications with every customer’s purchase.

11) Personal Mailing: Get out your address book and send a copy of The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood or another HLA publication to all of your friends and family.

These are just a few ways you can promote a culture of life this spring. What are some creative ways you have distributed HLA’s publications in your community? Let us know so we can share them! (Ideas can be sent to [email protected] )
[9 Mar 2015, HLA e-message]