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Approximately 2/3 of women who procure abortion feel coerced/forced into the abortion…

International News

STOPP Analysis: IPPF Increased Abortions 24% in 2013; Africa is the Chief Target

Abortion Ban in Chile Has NOT Resulted in Increased Maternal Mortality

Indian Government Runs Coercive Sterilization Program that Killed at least 13 Women, Injured Others, as Abortionist Performs 80 Abortions in 5 Hour Global Eugenics Project

Reports Surface of Tetanus Vaccines which Included HCG as Part of an Alleged Surreptitious Sterilization Program in Kenya — UPDATE

Newborn looks at mom.

If he is not alive, why is he growing?

If he is not a human being, what kind of being is he?

If he is not a child, why is he sucking his thumb?

If he is a living, human child, why is it legal to kill him?

[Right to Life Crusade Inc, Tulsa OK; Heritage House ’76 Inc,]

Featured Resources Dedicated to the most complete & up-to-date scientific literature on abortion complications, especially in the area of mental health.

Archives of the American Holocaust Books, writings, documents, and other materials from the Anti-Life advocates, 1917 – Present.

The Inherent Racism of Population Control (PDF)

Alliance for Post-Abortion Research and Training

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Why We Exist exists to draw attention to the medical realities of abortion, human embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, out-of-wedlock sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases, and euthanasia. strongly encourages sexual abstinence outside marriage in order to curb and eliminate the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases/ infections, to reduce the high rates of teen pregnancies, and to prepare our youth to develop strong and healthy life-long relationships in the parameters of marriage. also encourages non-embryonic stem cell research which uses human Adult Stem Cells, Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, Placenta (“after-birth”), and even stem cells in the Wharton’s Jelly of the umbilical cord itself, to successfully treat over 70 diseases including cancers, heart disease, and even diseases such as juvenile diabetes, sickle cell anemia, and lupus. iPS (induced Pluripotent Stem) cells — and now Direct Conversion which directly converts one type of cell to another without stem cells — have emerged as the focus of ethical, cutting edge stem cell research. In August 2008, scientists announced the transformation of adult cells into other types of adult cells (now termed Direct Conversion). All of these ethical means of cell research will undoubtedly transform medical treatments in the near future.

The overriding goal of every physician should be to Do No Harm, to help every person live the longest and healthiest life possible. We all begin as embryos; we should protect every human life, no matter how small, for the good of us all.