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Planned Parenthood's money trail

After an unexplained seven month delay, Planned Parenthood
Federation of America released its 2004-2005 Annual Report a
few days ago. The report exposes the organization's finances
from July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005.

Here are the latest numbers reported by Planned Parenthood…

INCOME (all dollars in millions)
  Clinic                              $346.8
  Government grants and contracts     $272.7
  Private contributions and bequests  $215.8
  Guttmacher Institute                $  6.3
  Other                               $ 40.4
  TOTAL INCOME                        $882.0

EXPENSES (dollars in millions)
  Medical services                    $520.8
  Sexuality education                 $ 45.4
  Public policy                       $ 41.2
  Services to affiliates              $ 26.3
  U.S. family planning                $ 25.2
  International family planning       $  8.2
  Management and general              $ 96.8
  Fundraising                         $ 41.9
  Payments to related organizations   $  2.9
  Guttmacher Institute                $ 10.3
  TOTAL EXPENSES                      $819.0

PROFIT (Excess revenue over expenses)
  TOTAL PROFIT                        $ 63.0

This report shows that Planned Parenthood had a record year
financially. It took in more total money ($882 million), more
government money ($272.7 million) and more clinic money ($346.8
million) than ever before.

The report also reports that Planned Parenthood killed a record
number of babies (255,015 surgical abortions) and we estimate
it took in a record $108 million from its abortion business,
accounting for 31 percent of its clinic income.

There was no mention in the report of the number of mothers who
have died getting abortions at Planned Parenthood.

The report did, however, give Planned Parenthood Golden Gate —
the affiliate responsible for administering the medical
abortion that resulted in the death of Holly Patterson — the
organization's Clinical Service Expansion and Outreach award!

In the area of sex education, despite Planned Parenthood
spending a record $45.4 million, the number of attendees at its
sex education programs was 200,000 less than the previous year.

Regrettably the organization did report that (its
shocking and offensive sex site for kids) visits were up 45
percent over the year before.

The report also showed that Planned Parenthood is pushing its
sex education on the international scene. It reported that it
gave sex education programs to 550,000 youth outside the United
States and bragged that 115,000 of those youth were now using
contraception — most for the first time.

And what about the profits?

Another $63 million in profits for Planned Parenthood brings
its total profits to $649.6 million since 1987. Its total net
assets have now risen to $784.1 million – $478.7 million in
cash or investments.

The full Planned Parenthood annual report can be viewed as a
PDF document online at:

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