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PP Facilities Close in Illinois and Idaho (1/08)

Student Isn’t Sold by PP Coupon Scheme (2/08)

Lawsuits Against PPFA Continue to Pile Up (6/08) 


PP FACILITIES CLOSE IN IL & ID. The first month of 2008 has brought the announcement that Planned Parenthood has closed three business sites and has also merged affiliates.

The three business locations include an express site in Nampa, Idaho, an express site in Naperville, Illinois, and a non-express site in Lincoln, Illinois.

According to Planned Parenthood, the business in Lincoln closed its doors due to lack of funds.

The affiliate merger happened in Kentucky. Planned Parenthood of Blue Grass and Planned Parenthood of Louisville have merged into Planned Parenthood of Kentucky which gives Planned Parenthood a total of 107 affiliates. This is a loss of one affiliate so far in 2008. "Remember: Planned Parenthood needs money to run its centers…visit petition". [STOPP, WSR, 6Feb08]

STUDENT ISN'T SOLD BY PP COUPON SCHEME. Below is an excerpt from an article by Mike Hathaway, a senior at Arizona University and he creates a very interesting perspective on Planned Parenthood’s advertising techniques.

"A going-out-of-pregnancy sale?
The beginning of each new semester is heralded by a glut of "College Coupons" books.

In the wake of the spring 2008 coupon bonanza, you may have noticed an unusually valuable coupon, a bit behind the brow-wax offer and in front of the Blackjack Pizza ad.

The coupon is good for $10 off any purchase of products or services of $25 or more … at Planned Parenthood Arizona. Seems to be some heavy content for a two-by-four inch coupon…

The coupon claims that PPAZ is 'a comfortable place to go for honest information and compassionate care.' Sounds like an organization that wants all people, regardless of income or class, to have the opportunity (or the 'choice') to access Planned Parenthood's goods and services. Why, then, must PPAZ's product be discounted in the first place? Sure, zany places like Whipped can get away with heaving obscene markups on cupcakes, but a healthcare provider marking up services enough to subsequently discount them? By giving a coupon, PPAZ implicitly acknowledges its profit making potential within the bounds of its non-profit status (which doesn't prohibit profit, but mandates that profit stay within the organization)…"

This is yet another example of how Planned Parenthood is using desperate measures to exploit our teens and lure them in to its [businesses]. Planned Parenthood has also pushed programs such as “Tell-a-Friend” in which Planned Parenthood offers coupons, free movie tickets, iPods, and even cash to teens that refer their friends or siblings to buy its products. But pro-lifers are winning this battle as more young people are standing up for life and speaking out against Planned Parenthood and its sick propaganda.

To learn more about these programs and other schemes Planned Parenthood uses to try to brainwash young people, watch Marie Hahnenberg’s talk on Planned Parenthood: Lies, Deceit and Sex []
[STOPP, WSR, 6Feb08]

LAWSUITS AGAINST PPFA CONTINUE TO PILE UP. The following is just a short sampling of some of the cases brought against Planned Parenthood over the last few years:

* Michelle Marie Perreira filed suit against officials at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles in April of 2007, alleging they had intimidated her into completing an abortion after she had withdrawn her consent (City News Services, 5/12/07)

* In June of 2007, the mother of Edrica Goode filed suit against the Planned Parenthood affiliate that treated her daughter in Riverside California in January of the same year. The young woman died of toxic shock after seaweed  dilators were inserted to expand her cervix in preparation for a second trimester abortion. The suit alleges that the dilators served to spread a vaginal infection throughout her body (Los Angeles Times, 6/21/07).

* A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles after a mother of two, Diana Lopez, died February 28, 2002, following her abortion. The LA coroner’s office said Lopez died as a result of hemorrhage due to a “traumatic anterior cervical perforation” (Sacramento Bee, June 19, 2003).

* An unidentified Ohio teen brought suit against Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio alleging that employees had failed to notify authorities after she disclosed that she was a victim of incest when she sought an abortion in November of 2004. Because no police report was filed, the suit said the sexual abuse by the teen’s father continued for another year and half. (Cincinnati Enquirer, May 10, 2007).

* A woman identified only by the initials L.K.D.H. sued Planned Parenthood of Alabama on behalf of her child, who was born following a failed abortion attempt in June of 1999. The child was born with injuries that included a hole in the heart and a defect that affected transport of oxygen between the lungs and the heart. The mother blamed the clinic for the injuries (Health Law Week, June 23, 2006)

* Lorraine Thul filed suit against Intermountain Planned Parenthood in March of 2004, alleging that the abortionist had perforated her uterus during a May 2002 abortion. The suit also alleged that the abortionist failed to tell the client that he was certified as an anesthesiologist, but not as a surgeon or an Ob-Gyn (Billings Gazette, March 20, 2004)

* The parents of Holly Patterson named Planned Parenthood Golden Gate in a lawsuit after the teen allegedly received the abortion drug RU486 there in September of 2003 and died less than a week later of a massive infection (San Francisco Chronicle, December 22, 2004).

* The family of Hoa Thuy Tran sued Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernadino Counties along with the U.S.marketer of RU486, the abortion pill, saying she was not given warnings of any risk of death or infection before dying of a rare infection December 29, 2003, six days after allegedly receiving the drug at Planned Parenthood’s Costa Mesa clinic. (Monterey County Herald, 10/8/05)