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New Study: Vaccinated Children Have 2 to 5 Times More Diseases and Disorders Than Unvaccinated Children

HPV Vaccine: Too Dangerous To Give to Children

Regressive Autism Linked to Hundreds of De Novo Mutations

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New Study: Vaccinated Children Have 2 to 5 Times More Diseases and Disorders Than Unvaccinated Children

A German study released in September 2011 of about 8000 UNVACCINATED children, newborn to 19 years, show vaccinated children have at least 2 to 5 times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children.

The results are presented in the bar chart below; the complete data and study results are here —

The data is compared to the national German KIGGS health study of the children in the general population. Most of the respondents to the survey were from the U.S. (Click on the chart to see it better).

The data was collected from parents with vaccine-free children via an internet questionnaire by and Andreas Bachmair, a German classical homeopathic practitioner. The website is not a pretty one (including Google ads for vaccines) but the actual data is what counts.

The independent study is self-funded and is not sponsored by a large “credible” non-profit or government health organization with political and financial conflicts of interest. Each one of the 8000 cases are actual cases with medical documentation. Three other studies had similar results according to Bachmair and are reported below.

No study of health outcomes of vaccinated people versus unvaccinated has ever been conducted in the U.S. by CDC or any other agency in the 50 years or more of an accelerating schedule of vaccinations (now over 50 doses of 14 vaccines given before kindergarten, 26 doses in the first year).

Most data collected by CDC is contained in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database. The VAERS is generally thought to contain only 3 to 5 percent of reportable incidents. This is simply because only some immediate reactions are reported by doctors; but many are not admitted to be reactions to the vaccine.

Most importantly, the VAERS numbers are only immediate reactions, which I would place with a few hours to a few weeks. Long-term vaccine-induced diseases and disorders are not recognized by parents or doctors when these conditions develop perhaps a few months to five years or more and would never be realized to come from multiple vaccinations.

In other words, many children and adults have diseases and disorders that are vaccine induced and they never suspect they are from the vaccines, as this study indicates.

Salzburger Study

Results: of 1004 unvaccinated children, had

–Asthma, 0% (8-12% in the normal population)

–Atopic dermatitis 1.2% (10-20% in the normal population)

–Allergies 3% (25% in the normal population)

–ADHD 0.79% (5-10%) in children

Longterm Study in Guinea-Bissau (1 Kristensen I, Aaby P, Jensen H.:“Routine vaccinations and child survival: follow up study in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa”, BMJ 2000; 321: 1435–41)

The children of 15,000 mothers were observed from 1990 to 1996, for 5 years.

Result: the death rate in vaccinated children against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough is twice as high as the unvaccinated children (10.5% versus 4.7%).

New Zealand Survey (1992) —

The study involved 254 children. In which 133 children were vaccinated and 121 remained unvaccinated.

Result (scroll down for chart information):

Symptom                        vaccinated        unvaccinated

Asthma                             20 (15%)            4 (3%)
Eczema or allergic rashes      43 (32%)          16 (13%)
Chronic otitis                        26 (20%)            8 (7%)
Recurrent tonsillitis                11 (8%)              3 (2%)
Shortness of breath and
sudden infant death syndrome 9 (7%)             2 (2%)
Hyperactivity                       10 (8%)            1 (1%)

HPV Vaccine: Too Dangerous To Give to Children

If you have children, or grandchildren, they often go to the doctor for check-ups.

When shots are to be given, one that seems to be getting pushed is the HPV VACCINE.

Someone recently contacted me that their doctor had recommended this vaccine; I am very concerned that others may not be aware of the dangers of this vaccine…SO…


It is dangerous, deadly (yes, dozens of girls/women have died from it – and THOUSANDS of adverse reactions to it), and yes, morally questionable…

There are two versions of HPV vaccine: Gardasil (Merck) and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline).

Gardasil has been around longer and has more “baggage” in the form of medically adverse effects; but Cervarix probably won’t be much different in effect.

To find key points to keep in mind, visit our homepage for the “HPV Vaccine Adverse Effects Summary”, or click http://www.p

This Summary is from these links:

Please consider giving your daughter/son – or your granddaughter/grandson a heart-healthy and body-healthy PURITY RING — instead of a dangerous vaccine:

National Abstinence Clearinghouse's selection of purity rings —

Regressive Autism Linked to Hundreds of De Novo Mutations
Over the past 12 months, multiple publications have come out from top universities showing that children with regressive autism have hundreds of different mutations, all tied to pathways important for nerve cell communication.  Their parents do not have these mutations.

These publications completely refute the theory that regressive autism is a genetic disease.

Most importantly,these publications confirm that work [being done] at SCPI. What is known to cause hundreds of different and new mutations? Radiation, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and foreign DNA [vaccines derived from aborted fetal stem cells].
[, June 2012 newsletter]


Sound Choices Pharmaceutical Institute

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) was founded to promote public awareness about the widespread use of electively aborted fetal material in drug discovery, development and commercialization. Click here for a selection of the recent, featured publications about us and our work.

SCPI is not afraid to address issues that are polarizing and silencing our nation: the safety of vaccinations, the true promise of stem cell research, and the rights of every consumer to know what is in their products.

SCPI reviews, researches, and disseminates the context and content of vaccines and other biologic medicines to enable physicians, pharmacists, parents and grandparents to be ‘informed consumers’. We investigate the biologic and physiologic consequences of human DNA and cellular contaminants in our medicines. We all have the right to know.

SCPI is a nonprofit, biomedical research organization whose cutting edge work has established the connections between genomic instability, retroviral and human fetal contaminants in vaccines, and the wolrdwide autism epidemic.

SCPI is courageously standing up to the government agencies and pharmeceutical companies who have refused to protect our children and our basic consumer rights.