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Abortion businesses are going out of business at a rapid rate.

According to a 2014 Rasmussen Poll, the number of Americans who consider themselves pro-life is at an all-time high of 44 percent.

A slight majority, 52 percent, now consider abortion to be morally wrong most of the time, the highest percentage since August 2012, while 32 percent say abortion is morally acceptable most of the time, and 16 percent were undecided.

About half of those surveyed, 49 percent, say there should be a mandatory waiting period before a woman is allowed to get an abortion, and 37 percent disagree.

Participants were also asked: “In terms of how you will vote in the next congressional election, how important is the issue of abortion?”

THE RESULT: 64 per cent say it is at least somewhat important, including 34 percent who say it is very important, while 30 percent say the issue is not important, including 11 percent who say it is not important.

Other findings of the Rasmussen Reports include:

49% of women are pro-choice and 40% are pro-life.
50% of women believe abortion is morally wrong in most cases, as do 54 percent of men.
Most Republicans are pro-life-66 percent, and most Democratic voters are pro-choice, 63 percent.

Unaffiliated voters favor pro-choice over pro-life by a 48 percent to 41 percent margin.

71 percent of Evangelical Christians are pro-life, as are 56 percent of Catholics.

For the babies…and their mothers.
[23 July 2014, Operation Rescue]