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Video of 11-Week Baby Jumping Shows the Humanity of Preborn Children

A beautiful video of a baby in utero is rapidly being shared across social media.

The ultrasound shows the 11-week, 4-day-old preborn child bouncing around in the womb.

[10 Aug 2015, ]


Born at 23 weeks, this micropreemie is sharing the truth about abortion

Trevor Frolek came into the world at 23 weeks.

At the time of his birth, he weighed in at 1 pound, 6 ounces, and like many of the babies born alive in “botched” abortions would do if given the chance, Trevor fought to stay alive. And stay alive he did.
Born Premature at 22 Weeks, Identical Twins are Sharing the Truth about Abortion

… a specialist diagnosed her with an incompetent cervix, something the other doctors had missed. Ellis’ cervix was already starting to change, as it should when the babies were ready to be delivered, but the boys were much too young to survive.

“When I first went in,” Ellis said, “and they noticed that it wasn’t looking good, they offered me abortion and I just couldn’t do that.” …

After the surgery, Ellis remained in the hospital for a couple of days. After being at home for just a day and a half, her water broke. Back at the hospital, Ellis wanted to keep the cerclage in and try to stop labor from starting, but doctors said there was nothing they could do.

She had an infection and they had to remove the cerclage. Once they did, Ellis went into labor and had to deliver her boys, Chase and Cooper, at about 22 weeks gestation. The boys lived outside the womb for 30 minutes in November 2014.

On August 6, 2015, Ellis decided to share their photograph with the world through Facebook. …

[13 Aug 2015, ]