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Local authorities in Zurich are asking questions about the assisted suicide facility Dignitas, after 300 urns containing human ashes were found in Lake Zurich this week.

The urns bear the logo of the Nordheim crematorium, which is used by Dignitas. Former Dignitas employee Soraya Wernli, told media that dumping urns into Lake Zurich was a standard procedure of the facility.

It is illegal in Switzerland to dispose of a large number of urns containing human remains without a commercial license, a criminal offense that carries a sentence of up to three years in prison. [, Life Site News; PharmFacts E-News Update — 30 Apr 2010 ]

Comment: So – this is death with dignity -burial like human waste. While the treatment of their victims is shocking, that Dignitas has done this does not surprise me. After all, they are in the business of killing human beings – they are just like criminals who kill for whatever reason and dispose of their victims like garbage in secret. How is it possible for Dignitas to have any respect for human remains. And where are the relatives of the dead? Cheryl, CHN

Swiss assisted suicide clinic Dignitas has been accused of dumping dozens of urns filled with human remains in a nearby lake.
Divers said they lost count of the number of containers full of ashes they had retrieved from the bed of nearby Lake Geneva.

Each apparently bore the name of the controversial clinic on its side.

Roman Ruetz, who made the discovery, said: “We stopped counting at 50 urns. They’re all lying on a heap.”

Dignitas founder Ludwig A Minelli, who has refused to comment on the allegations, could be jailed if the matter goes to court.

Judges can imprison organisers of unauthorised lake burials for three years, and dish out a fine of around £32,000.

The clinic has been accused of unlawfully depositing human remains before.

Swiss authorities began a probe in October 2008 after two Dignitas members were seen tipping the ashes of 20 people into Lake Zurich.

At the same time, the clinic was warned by waste disposal officials after hundreds of small human bone fragments washed up on the shore of the beauty spot.
Cheryl Eckstein
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