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…NCFL [National Conference for Life] organizers asked me to encourage our Irish counterparts by describing how we are winning the war against abortion in America.

I thought I’d post the statistics I showed – many compiled by abortion proponents – demonstrating that we are indeed prevailing in just about every measurable way.

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1) First, the January 2013 Time magazine cover, certainly not considered a pro-life mouthpiece, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade…Pro-Life laws; public sentiment; generational in-fighting; playing defense; science; stigma; aging abortionists

2) Surge in pro-life state laws passed. As Guttmacher indicates, there has been a huge spike in the passage of state pro-life laws since 2010, when Republicans took control of a majority of state legislatures.
2011: Highest number passed in a single year since Roe: 92
2012: Third highest ever: 43
2013: Second highest ever: 70 [Ed. More laws passed in 2015]

3) Another view of the “hostile” change in the abortion landscape over the past decade, via Guttmacher…

4) Number of surgical and medical abortions down. Bear in mind that the population of the U.S. grew from 200 million in 1970 to 300 million in 2011, meaning more women are having fewer abortions: High in 1990 – 1.6 million; Low in 2011 – 1.06 Million

5) Rate of surgical and medical abortions down

6) Number of abortion facilities down

7) Polls swinging toward life. Finally, the America public is turning against abortion. In 2009, for the first time, a majority of Americans (51%) said they were pro-life.

Since then, six of nine Gallup polls have been won by our side. In 2102, the lowest number of Americans ever (41%) said they were pro-choice.

[14 Apr 14, Stanek, ]