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CPR on a stricken victim is daunting, even for a medical person. Most challenging is “how do I breath for them”. You don’t have to. You will find this 5 min video extremely valuable.  (jdc)

The “New” CPR

Here is a demonstration of the new, easier CPR method which takes the complication out of the one taught and practiced a few years ago.

It’s easy to remember, you don’t have to be certified to use the method, and it may save a life!

You may have seen other videos demonstrating the technique but this video is done by the doctors who developed the procedure at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center.



In response, an RN friend of ours just sent me this note:

“I just updated my CPR at Mayo, and they even teach us medical people that mouth to mouth is completely optional outside the hospital for adults. I also have to be versed in neonatal resuscitation, which is very different since it is more likely to be an oxygenation issue leading to cardiac arrest in infants and small children.”