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1. Pre-marital sexual activity of minors is illegal in most states.

2. Opportunities for career and talent education are not jeopardized.

3. There is time for adequate preparation for marriage and parenthood.

4. Sufficient time to develop emotional and physical maturity for successful adult responsibilities.

5. Important work and education skills to meet the demands of adult life can be learned.

6. There is greater spiritual (understanding of one's inner being) and emotional health when teens choose abstinence.

7. Better social adjustment and decision-making skills are acquired.

8. Self-esteem and the respect of others is maintained.

9. There is freedom from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs including HIV/AIDS, HPV, Herpes Simplex II, chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis, etc.), cancer, and other sex-related health problems, which affect health and livelihood, and from the emotional and financial stigma of an unmarried pregnancy.