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Whether the programming will represent the majority of American women, who oppose abortion, remains to be seen.

Abortion activist Gloria Steinem and pro-abortion actress Jane Fonda are two of the founders of Greenstone Media, a radio company that plans to sponsor the new network.

Steinem said the radio network is planned as an alternative to the current talk show radio landscape, where hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, G. Gordon Liddy, James Dobson and others are decidedly pro-life.

Whether the network will represent women is questionable.

Polls of women’s attitudes on abortion find a majority are pro-life.

A June 2003 poll conducted by the pro-abortion Center for the Advancement of Women found 51% of women took a pro-life position opposing most or all abortions while only 30 percent said it should be generally available. [, 14Sept06, NY]