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Officials in India are investigating the deaths of an abortion practitioner and his nine year-old daughter.

Jayanta Bag was found dead in his home a few days ago and authorities say the deaths could be tied to an illegal pornography ring he was involved in where he took pictures of women on whom he was doing abortions.

India media reported on Tuesday that Bag’s wife Sutapa, brother Sumantra and sister-in-law Madhumita were interrogated by police officials about the matter.

They discovered that Bag was making the pornographic CDs with his wife and sister-in-law and they were found being distributed throughout Howrah and Kolkata.

Deputy Inspector General Neeraj Narayan Pandey of the CID talked with the Kolkata Newsline about the case.

“We are looking into all possible angles of the case, including that involving pornography. This is all I can say at the moment,” he said.

According to authorities, Bag used his cell phone to take pictures and videos of the women getting the abortions and burned the pictures on a CD for pornography distributors to sell. Police found pictures and CDs in the residence after the deaths were reported.

Bag and his daughter Piyasha were found murdered with their throats and wrists slit and Sutapa was critically injured. They were discovered the Bags’ residence at Pailla Village.

The abuse of women getting abortions brings to mind cases in the United States where abortion practitioners sexually abused their patients.

Arizona abortion practitioner Brian Finkel was charged with more than 60 counts of sexually abusing 35 women. He was accused of fondling women’s breasts and inappropriately touching their private parts during examinations and abortions as far back as 1986.

In December 2003, a jury found Finkel guilty of 24 counts of sexual abuse.

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