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Abortion Bans Protect Women's Health (World Mortality Report 2005)

World Mortality Report 2005 [UN Population Division, 441 page report]


Laws Against Abortion Protect Women's Health

An astounding report came out recently which analyzed world mortality. Data was collected from every country in the world. It was a very comprehensive study. Statistics were compiled from various sources like civil registration, population censuses, surveys and Governmental responses to inquiries.

Of particular interest was what this study demonstrated about maternal mortality and legal abortion. And you’ll be very surprised to find out what the source of this information is!

The United Nations have long been advocates for abortion-on-demand. So it’s ironic that such a collossal effort on the part of the UN Population Division would strengthen the pro-life argument that abortion hurts women.

The UN recently published the World Mortality Report 2005. According to the UN, “it is the first of its kind” effort by them, and they’re very proud of it.

One of the main arguments of abortion industry, and that of the United Nations, has been that if abortion is illegal, more women will die from illegal, back-alley abortions. Further, women’s health in general would suffer without unfettered “reproductive rights,” i.e., abortion-on-demand.

Now even the United Nation’s own study shows this isn’t the case.

Let’s look at some of the countries where unborn babies and their mothers are protected from abortion. Then let’s compare them with countries known for legal abortion throughout pregnancy. If the pro-abortion theory is correct, women’s mortality rates should be higher in countries that ban abortion.

There are two countries in particular that have been targets of the abortion industry and the pro-abortion United Nations — Poland and Ireland. Both have laws protecting their most vulnerable citizens, preborn children. But according to the UN study, women’s mortality is actually low in these two countries. Poland has only 13 deaths of women for every 100,000 births. Ireland is even, better with only 5 deaths per 100,000 births.

Now, let’s compare that with countries known for unlimited abortion. Russia has a whopping 67 deaths of women per 100,000 births. China, where forced abortion is regularly practiced, has 56 deaths per 100,000 births.

Here’s something else. When we compare the life expectancy of women in countries without legal abortion with those who have abortion-on-demand, the abortion-free nations win every time, even when compared to the United States.

There’s still more. When the UN study looks at infant mortality, the pro-life nation of Ireland comes out on top. They reported only 7 deaths for every 1,000 babies born. This country that protects life in the womb has the best record of keeping babies alive in the air-breathing world. In comparison, Russia loses 12 babies for every 1,000 born.

We acknowledge accurate statistics may be difficult to acquire from every country, but the UN study uses the most current statistics available.

If we want to protect the women of the world, if we want to empower them and make their lives easier and less dangerous, then abortion should be taken out of the equation.
[Bradley Mattes, Life Issues Connector, April 2006]