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Be a Life Hero!

The staggering economic impact of abortion is one of the most powerful messages we can use to change public opinion about abortion.

Abortion has already cost us more than $40 Trillion in lost GDP
and eliminated 30% of the under-40 generation.

America cannot survive another abortion generation…


Here are more facts…

53,729,484 abortions and counting since 1973

40% of minors who have had an abortion do not tell their parents

51% of women having abortions are under age 25

7 or 10 women claim to be Christian at the time of their abortion

50% of abortions are performed on women who have had at least one past abortion

approximately every 24 seconds, an abortion takes place in the United States

42% of all yearly deaths in the world are from abortion — a worldwide crisis

1 in 5 American pregnancies end in abortion

2 in 5 African-American pregnancies end in abortion

[ ; PRC newsletter, May 2011]