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I heard that the abortion center in Pensacola has closed. I witnessed an abortion take place at a Pensacola abortion center.

I was with my confused girlfriend at the time, who I thought wasn’t going to go through with the abortion. I tried to talk her out of this horrible procedure, and I thought that in the end she would open her heart and her eyes to see that abortion was not the answer.

After all of this she still went through with the procedure, which I know she deeply regrets.

I know she wishes she hadn’t done this, because just a month or so later she was talking about trying to have another baby ["replacement baby"]…

I’m still praying for her, and for all the other men and women who are confused and think that abortion is the best solution.

It is not, it truly is not…

[From the 40 Days for Life National website, 7 Nov 09]