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A Texas pro-life activist says he has collected 8,000 examples over the last decade of abortionists participating in crimes, including sexual assault, sexual harassment and murder.

Mark Crutcher [founder and president of Life Dynamics] says he hopes that by sharing his information, he can "better educate the public on the evils surrounding abortion."

Through television appearances, books, speaking engagements and articles, Crutcher uses his files as a public education tool.

He also runs an Internet site,, that encourages abortion workers to report possible crimes before being implicated themselves.

Crutcher focuses not only on the act of abortion, "but also the kind of people involved, and the things that happen to women who enter these clinics."

One high-profile case involves Arizona abortionist Brian Finkle, who is scheduled to go on trial in August for allegedly sexually assaulting nine of his patients. After Finkle was arrested last October, roughly 80 women came forward to accuse the doctor of sexual misconduct.

The case involving Oklahoma abortionist John Hamilton has also attracted a lot of publicity. Hamilton was sentenced Jan. 9 to life in prison without parole for the Valentine's Day 2001 murder of his wife, Susan, who was beaten and strangled. "When you're a medical person, you know what you're doing when you take a human life" through abortion, Crutcher said. "And if you can do that, there's not much else you won't do."

However, a representative from National Abortion Federation insisted, "The history of violence clearly lies on the side of those against choice."

NAF keeps track of the violence targeting abortionists and abortion clinics. According to the group's Web site, seven "abortion providers" have been murdered in America since 1993. The most recent of these is New York's Dr. Barnett Slepian, who was shot and killed in his home in 1998. NAF also lists 17 cases of attempted murder since 1991 and 41 bombings since 1977, all targeting "abortion providers." The NAF representative refused to identify herself, and requests for more reaction to Crutcher's findings were ignored. Telephone calls seeking comment from National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League also were not returned.

'Easier to Hurt Other People'

British Columbia psychiatrist Philip Ney said he has worked with former abortionists who admitted that something inside of them changed for the worse after performing abortions.

"There's an instinctual restraint in humans that keeps them from harming a helpless child. If that restraint is damaged, it becomes easier to hurt other people," Ney said.

A common crime committed by abortionists, Crutcher said, is the sexual assault of patients. He dedicated a chapter in his pro-life book "Lime 5" to the issue, documenting dozens of cases in which abortionists sexually violated women.

But tracking all instances of sexual assault by abortionists is impossible, Crutcher said, because there are many "clandestine" doctors who perform abortions as part of their regular ob-gyn practice without the public's knowledge. Also, many rapes go unreported, especially if the woman has something to hide such as an abortion, he said.

According to Crutcher, teen-age patients are easy prey for abortionists who know their victims are unlikely to speak out about the crime.

"If your morals and human instincts are so corrupted that you can kill an unborn human baby, sex with a 15-year-old girl isn't a big deal," he said.

Another group, Operation Rescue of Boston, also maintains a record of abortionists involved in crime. One abortionist on their list, Daniel Holschauer, was found to have been involved in sexual misconduct, harassment, stalking, extortion and drug abuse in a study by the New York State Department of Health.

California Right to Life also issued an "Abortion Crime Report" that listed crimes such as murder, kidnapping, rape, stalking, death threats and more, committed by abortionists.

One former abortionist on its list, Ivan Namihas, was charged with four counts of rape, 45 incidents of sexual abuse, gross negligence and mail fraud.

A spokesman for American Medical Association said the organization knew of no studies comparing the number of crimes committed by abortionists with the number of crimes committed by doctors in other fields. [Dawn Rizzoni, , Jan. 22, 2002] 22Jan02 marked the 29th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States.




Well-Known Prominent Illinois Abortionist Pays Court Settlement for Trying to Run Over Pro-Lifer

Chicago lawyers won a case against Yogendra Shah, the chief abortionist of Hope abortion Clinic in Granite City, Illinois.

WorldNetDaily reports that Shah paid an unknown settlement to parents Daniel and Angela Michael and their daughter Arielle, for an attempted hit and run and for an assault on Arielle by one of the abortion clinic escorts 7 years earlier. By paying the money, Shah will avoid going to court.

The Michael family has vigorously supported the pro-life cause for 14 years through protesting, sidewalk counseling, maintaining a roving van crisis pregnancy support center and bringing abortion-related issues to the attention of the government.

The ministry specifically protests outside the Hope Abortion Clinic of Granite City, IL, the largest Midwest abortion clinic that allows girls to have late-term abortions without parental consent.

Father and daughter were assaulted in 2000 after persuading a woman outside the abortuary to avoid abortion. An escort roughly pushed 10-year old Arielle to the ground, and
shortly afterwards one of the clinic guards started beating her father over the head with a baton. (see full coverage

Yogendra Shah is the same abortionist who caused enormous scandal in 2000 for being chief of OB/GYN at St. Elizabeth’s hospital that is just across the road from Hope Clinic, also run by Shah at the same time.

Angela Michael said that Shah’s work in Hope Clinic is highly successful because the surrounding States have age-restrictions for women seeking abortions. WorldNetDaily comments, “That means a rapist can bring an underage victim to Granite City and pay for an abortion, eliminating evidence of his assault.”

In March 2006, the Michael family helped the police convict Jeffery Cheshier, 41, for raping his step-daughter. Cheshier had brought his daughter from Arkansas to the Hope Clinic in order to securefor an abortion,. and here the Michael family photographed his car and license plate. They later gave thise information to the police as evidence. (see report by the Michaels )

Mrs. Michael says that winning these pro-life victories encourages others to fight the battle. She says, “You never know whose life you can touch. We start saving lives one baby at a time.”

See Small Victories Ministries Original Press Release on the Recent Court Settlement

Mother Arrested outside Granite City Clinic trying to Save 14-year Old Daughter

Abortionist Shah in Trouble over Fake Abortion
[6June07, Elizabeth O’Brien]