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Over 50 MILLION abortions have taken place in the US since 1973. That means that every single minute, 2-3 babies are aborted in the USA.

It’s time to stand up together, make a difference, and End Abortion by 2020!


Make the pledge: Our tax money is used to fund abortion. We will work to stop this funding! 

   1. Pledge to Wear Black on Fridays. Join others and pledge to wear black on Fridays to mourn the lives lost to abortion. This is a very simple way for you to get involved immediately and show others what you believe.

   2. Educate. Begin a dialogue with friends and tell them what you believe and why. Use the resources on this site to help educate them —

Discuss with your children and teens the truth of what abortion is and how to prevent falling into situations where they would be confronted with having to make those tough choices, and what to do if someone they know is considering having an abortion.
Explain to your children — to all the teens you know — that Sexual Abstinence STOPS Abortion!

   3. Donate $1 a week to make a difference. This is an easy way to make a direct impact in the life of a pregnant mother and her unborn child. Giving just one dollar for every Friday you wear black, will help… support Pregnancy Resource Centers across the United States.

These centers give women Real Choices that do not include abortion. They help pregnant women in life-affirming ways, by giving them free sonograms, providing them with diapers, formula and cribs, etc. They also help women through the adoption process if they choose, and provide housing if their families have abandoned them.

Find a pregnancy center in your area — — and send them a donation as often as you can…

Why not VOLUNTEER at your local pregnancy center to answer the phone, do janitorial tasks, make repairs or remodel, organize baby supplies, teach, counsel, fund raise, or any number of other activities?

If not you, WHO?
If not now, WHEN?

Sign the pledge, Get involved, Spread the word…End-Abortion by 2020…