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Indiana-based abortionist Ulrich Klopfer appears to be out of the abortion business.

After stopping doing abortions at two other abortion sites in the state, abortion practitioner Klopfer faced a medical board hearing on 1,833 alleged abortion violations, including cases of rapes of teen girls he failed to properly report.

Klopfer has one remaining abortion mill in South Bend following the closure of his facilities in Fort Wayne in December 2013, and Gary in June 2015.

Yesterday, Klopfer decided to drop his appeal against the Indiana Health Department’s decision not to renew his license at the South Bend facility. He must cease performing abortions in Indiana by Friday, and the facility will close.

The closure of the first 2 facilities and the IDHS decision not to renew his South Bend license were based on the findings of more than 1800 violations against his 3 abortion mills, including non-reporting and late reporting of abortions on girls as young as 13.

There have been no abortions in Fort Wayne since the closure of his facility there nearly 2 years ago.

Indiana Right to Life and IDHS pursued the allegations and violations.

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