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Florida abortionist Randall Whitney was reprimanded by the Florida Department of Health in August for striking a patient while preparing her for an abortion.

He was ordered to pay $7,500 and complete three hours of medical ethics training. Operation Rescue filed a complaint against Whitney in 2010 soon after the slapping incident became public.

The discipline is considered by Operation Rescue to be an unacceptable “slap on the wrist,” especially for Whitney who has undergone multiple disciplinary incidents in the past, including two license suspensions (case numbers 15606 and 18306) and a term of probation for a third incident (case number 37303).

Whitney is employed by the notorious abortionist James Scott Pendergraft, IV, who himself has undergone license suspension five times.

“Whitney has failed to respond to discipline in the past and has a continued pattern of negligence and criminal conduct. There’s no evidence that this ‘wrist-slap’ will cause him to amend his behavior. We shudder to think what his next abortion-related injury or crime might be – and the Health

Department has ensured there will be a next time by failing to protect women from his consistently bad behavior,” said Cheryl Sullenger,

Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue, who filed the complaint against Whitney in September, 2010. “When another woman is injured or abused by Whitney, the Health Department will share in the responsibility for it.”

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[September 19, 2013, Orlando, FL,]