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Women Having Abortions Increase Premature Birth Risk 34% for Next Pregnancy

A study in the United Kingdom finds women who have abortions are 34 percent more likely to deliver a subsequent baby prematurely when they become pregnant again, and to suffer from other pregnancy complications.

The team of scientific researchers at the University of Aberdeen examined more than 1 million pregnancies in Scotland over 26 years and found that women who have one abortion increase their risk of premature birth in a subsequent pregnancy by 34 percent.

Women who have a historic risk of giving birth prematurely up that risk another 73 percent [in subsequent pregnancies] when they procur an abortion. [, 6 July 2011]

NOTE: A normal pregnancy period is 40 weeks in length.

Babies allowed to go full-term suffer the least risk of danger.

Labor that occurs prematurely, or that is induced early (prior to 39-40 weeks), can lead to many complications for the child — some life-long — including lung/breathing problems, cerebral palsy, and related consequences if the baby was not "ready" to be born.