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Abortionist Performs Abortions Without Medical License

ABORTIONIST PERFORMS ABORTIONS WITHOUT MEDICAL LICENSE The PA Health Dept is investigating whether a notorious abortion center operator is guilty of “regulatory violations” for allowing a doctor to perform abortions at his facilities without a valid medical license.

Harvey W. Brookman is only permitted to treat himself and his family because he holds an “active-retired” medical license. However, Brookman, who has been sued for malpractice, has been performing abortions at State College Medical Services and at American Women’s Services in Erie. The abortion facilities are owned by S. Brigham, who was forced to give up his own medical license in PA [questionable medical practices]. Brigham owns a chain of Eastern seaboard abortion centers under the name American Women’s Services. [Harrisbury PA; http://www.lifenews.com/state538.html]