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(Welfare) Reauthor-ization (HR 4737), moves to the Senate! It provides funds for the Title V abstinence-until-marriage education, & promotion of healthy marriage/ fatherhood programs. Pro-sex ed (anti-abstinence) groups are pushing for “flexibility” to use abstinence funds for condom programs. Protecting Title V is vital, as Bill Smith of SIECUS (“safe sex”) has declared; “The Senate may be our last best chance to force a change.”

We are asked to tell Senators that the welfare reauthorization bill should protect the funds for ¬Ďauthentic¬í abstinence-until-marriage programs that follow the Title V A-H definition of abstinence and do not give a mixed message or promote contraception. These programs will improve the lives of teens and lower teen pregnancy rates therefore cutting the number of people relying on welfare. Please also support marriage promotion activities and responsible fatherhood programs.” Senators can be reached at (202) 224-3121. (16May02)