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Adoption is the loving choice

The “other” alternative to an unplanned pregnancy…

               … a loving choice. 

Prestigious positions available for an unlimited number of infants. 

Title: adopted child 

Benefits: loving home, sound financial background, the security of knowing that every child is wanted and longed for. 

Added benefits: each child will have the knowledge that her natural mother was courageous enough to give her not only life, but the best life she could.

 Couple with child on beach at sunset  The opportunities are incredible: over 2,000,000 couples want to adopt children each year, but only an estimated 60,000 – 70,000 infants are actually placed for adoption. (Source: Adoption Fact Book from National Council For Adoption) There are multitudes of couples who want to adopt a child. Adoption is not for everyone, but for many, it provides the opportunity for mother, baby, and adoptive parents to begin again; it offers a fresh start.


BABY from a young mother who placed her son for adoption: “Adoption and abortion are similar, in that the mother feels loss and depression. The main difference between the two is that adoption gets much easier over time, whereas abortion gets harder. The hardest part of the adoption decision is actually leaving the hospital without your child…I do not regret my decision at all. I love my son and his adoptive family. I am finishing college…And my son is very happy with his family.”[Reality Check: A Youth Publication of American Life League, 8/00]

Comments from a mother who placed her daughter for adoption: “I ran away from home with my boyfriend when I was 15. We camped out for a week before the private detective …found us. [The pregnancy test] was positive, and my father was furious. Abortion was legal, but my parents wouldn’t even consider it. My mother and I found a home for unwed mothers…During my 7th month, the house mother said, “The primary people in this decision are you and your baby.”…I thought about myself at home with this baby and not having any money to do anything. Even if I did marry my boyfriend, what would stop him from leaving me?…Then I took a realistic look at the baby. Wouldn’t it be better for this baby to have two loving parents who desperately wanted it and would have the financial resources to take care of it? Of course the answer was yes. The most loving thing I could do was place the baby for adoption…Now I’ve been married for five years to a man I met while I was in college. I used to question whether to have children.  I didn’t know if I could be a good mother. But in April, I gave birth to a little boy. I stress that I have never had one second of regret about placing that child for adoption. Never. There is no reason to have any regrets.”       K.L., Texas

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