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‘Bloody Sunday’ is a moment forever etched in the history of the civil rights movement in America.

What should have been a peaceful march for the rights of blacks to vote without hindrance became a gruesome scene of police brutality on display.

The images of police battering protestors on Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama gave the world a picture of the high price people would pay for human rights.

With the widespread popularity of the Oscar-winning film Selma, those key events in this small Alabama town have become all the more iconic in our culture.

On June 19 and 20, 2015, pro-life leaders from across the country will gather in Selma, Alabama to march over Edmund Pettus Bridge in protest of the greatest injustice facing black Americans today.

Catherine Davis, President of the Restoration Project, is leading efforts to bring national attention to the harmful activity of Central Alabama Women’s Clinic.

Run by abortion doctor Samuel G. Lett, the site is operating illegally as an abortion shop.

Under section 420-5-1-.01 (e) of Alabama regulations, medical facilities that do more than nine abortions per month must be licensed as an abortion facility.

According to news reports, an investigation by Life Legal Defense Foundation, CEC for Life and Operation Rescue revealed through documented phone calls that the Central Alabama Women’s Clinic is doing more abortions than the law allows for a medical facility.

Statistics show that black women have the highest abortion rates of any race in our country. Sadly, as in the case of infamous abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, they are the ones that fall victim to the worst treatment at the hands of the abortion industry.

Although the pro-abortion rights groups painted Gosnell as an anomaly, he is far from being the only doctor who has abused women.

In 2010, abortionist Randall Whitney was arrested for aggravated battery after slapping a patient – the same year Maryland finally suspended the license of abortionist Romero Ferrer who was sued over 18 times for malpractice and negligence.

In 2004, abortionist Brian Finkel faced 67 counts of sexual abuse and molestation from 100 women who contacted the police saying they were victims of his abuse.

These are the stories that don’t often make mainstream news, the tragic tales of women victimized and abused by abortion doctors.

We are going to Selma to keep abortion doctors accountable.

We are going to Selma to remind the world that black women matter.

We are marching over the Pettus Bridge to proclaim that women and children devastated by abortion is a great injustice.

We are declaring to the nation that ‘Bloody Sunday’ is a regular occurrence when it comes to the abortion industry’s mistreatment and murder of black Americans.

We are rallying because the right to life is the greatest civil right of all.

Join Catherine Davis along with pro-life activists Dr. Alveda King, Star Parker, Ryan Bomberger, Rev. Dean Nelson, Will and Dehavilland Ford, Dr. Freda Bush, myself and others as we gather together in prayer and protest to lift our voices and call for change.

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