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[H-5.995 Abortion, House of Delegates] 

Our AMA reaffirms that (1) abortion is a medical procedure and should be performed on by a duly licensed physician and surgeon in conformance with standards of good medical practice and the Medical Practice Act of his state; and

(2) no physician of other professional personnel shall be required to perform an act violative of good medical judgment. Neither physician, hospital, nor hospital personnel shall be required to perform any act violative of personally held moral principles. In these circumstances, good medical practice requires only that the physician or other professional withdraw from the case, so long as the withdrawal is consistent with good medical practice. (Sub.Res.43, A-73; Reaffirmed: I-86; Reaffirmed: Sunset Report, I-96; Reaffirmed by Sub. Res. 208, I-96; Reaffirmed by BOT Rep. 26, A-97)