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In early July, Everett Stadig, a staunch prolife advocate, was criminally assaulted while petitioning for a Colorado pro-life amendment outside a grocery store.

This came during the same week that

was vandalized by “pro-choice activists”.

This assault caused several injuries to Everett, including a seriously injured hip which required surgery and lead to his hospitalization.

Even during his stay in the hospital, Everett stayed vigilant, asking doctors, nurses and visitors for petition signatures.

Thanks to Katie’s Law in Colorado, DNA samples are required to be taken from suspected felons at the time of their arrest.

So when William Costello was arrested following the assault on Everett, his DNA sample was taken and it tied him to several sexual assault cases from the years 2008-2011, including the rape of a young child.

Thanks to his capture, Costello has recently has been charged with two counts of second-degree kidnapping, two counts of sexual assault on a child and three counts of sexual assault.

“William Costello stands accused as a serial rapist, and as the perpetrator of unthinkable harm,” commented Jennifer Mason, a spokesperson.

“Not only did he make it abundantly clear to Everett Stadig that he was violently opposed to the personhood rights of innocent children, he is accused of a violent denial and violation of the personhood rights of his victims, as well. While Everett’s injuries are healing, we pray for the victims of the heinous crimes.”

This is one of the many faces of our movement: a peaceful fight for life, confronted by an irate and violent opposition that counts rapists among them.

Everett Stadig is a hero, and his sacrifice led to the capture of a serious criminal.

We must now continue to fight with the same spirit and passion that Everett did from his hospital bed. We must give great grassroots activists like Everett the tools they need to make thier voices heard.

Colorado is but one of fifty states in which we hope to make strides for life, and we are sure to face tough opposition as we move forward, but the stakes are TOO HIGH to NOT fight for every human life.

[20 Nov 12, Keith Mason]