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“As embryonic human stem cells derived from fertilization procedures induce ethical concerns, a third option requires attention.

“Embryonic human stem cells used for research in other countries are frequently derived from spontaneous abortion products [i.e. from miscarriages].

“Approximately 10% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion before the 16th week of gestation; this percentage is reduced to 1 percent after the 16th week of gestation.

“Establishment of programs to capture this naturally available embryonic human stem cell product could resolve the shortage and prevent disputes about the source of embryonic human stem cells.”

[M. E. Van Hoef , Falls Church, The Wash Post,5Sept01; Van Hoef is an oncologist-hematologist (clinical research & dev¬ít in blood / marrow transplants, which use cord blood, pediatric or adult human stem cells to restore bone marrow function after aggressive chemotherapy in cancer treatment)]