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Alabama Physicians For Life, Inc. (APFLI) renounces the murder of any abortion provider as an act totally opposed to the Pro-Life philosophy. While APFLI does not condone the destruction of innocent human life by abortion providers, our organization in the clearest of terms condemns the action of those who assassinate abortion providers. APFLI does not regard these assassins as Pro-Life. To destroy any human life at any stage is totally contrary to the Pro-Life philosophy.

APFLI condemns the use of violence by anyone to counteract the violence of abortion. Violence begets violence. To devalue human life in the womb by allowing the violent destruction of preborn human life simply opens the blood-gates of violence elsewhere. Albert Schweitzer noted, "If a man loses reverence for any part of life, he will lose reverence for all life." To devalue preborn life leads to the devaluing of all human life.

As physicians, we vow to promote and protect human life, not destroy it. Our desire is that the tragedy of abortion, which has divided our nation for three decades, should be resolved by peaceful means.