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PA Abortion Provider Cited & Suspended

KS Abortion Provider Remains Suspended

KS Attorney General Defends Inquiry into Abortion, Child Statutory Rape

Doctor “Forgot” Human Fetuses Left in Public Storage Site

Infertility Due to Abortion…


PA ABORTION PROVIDER CITED — More details are emerging about multiple violations of Erie, PA abortionist Harvey Brookman, cited by PA Dept of State for: offering medical services to the public (but has an active-retired license), practicing without malpractice insurance, giving expired drugs to patients, letting unlicensed staff administer drugs, failing to check patientsÂ’ ages/identities, performing abortions without a licensed registered nurse, routinely examining uteruses of pregnant women without a medical reason, & found guilty of maintaining inadequate patient records & altering others.

He is now being sued by a woman who says he injured her during a 2/02 abortion. His license has been suspended for 6 months.

[Susan Rogacs Centre Co. Citizens;;  Maria Gallagher,, Erie, PA, 17,25Feb05]


ABORTION PRACTITIONER IN KANSAS REMAINS SUSPENDED OVER VIOLATIONS — KS Board of Healing Arts continues the 3/05 suspension of Krishna Rajanna, who violated health/safety codes at his abortion business in Kansas City. Inspectors found a rodent & open containers of medical waste. Rajanna told the board in 4/05 that the problems have been corrected.

However, hearing officer Nancy Welsh, a doctor, decided his license should be suspended 30 more days so the full board could look into his case [AP]. Lawrence Buening, BOHA director, told AP that the agency could end the suspension, impose fines, continue the suspension or permanently revoke Rajanna’s medical license. When the board meets in late April, it will consider his previous violation. Rajanna’s problems were first reported to the agency in 2003.  [AP;, Topeka, KS, 13Apr05]

KS ATTORNEY GENERAL DEFENDS INQUIRY INTO ABORTION, CHILD RAPE — Kansas AG Phill Kline continues to defend his agency’s investigation into 2 abortion sites that performed abortions on children who were apparently victims of statutory rape.

Kline has been fighting the abortion businesses in court to obtain records concerning the abortions. Abortion advocates have taken on a national campaign to criticized Kline, & IN AG Steve Carter, who is conducting a similar investigation of abortion on minors there. However, Kline, in a letter to the The Kansan newspaper, defends his actions.

“Child rape is a serious crime, and when a 10-year-old is pregnant, she has been raped under Kansas law,” he wrote. “As the state’s chief law enforcement official, I have a duty to investigate in order to protect Kansas children.”

Kline says his investigation was secret until media outlets and the abortion businesses ballooned the story. “This inquiry has been ongoing for over a year and, until 2 abortion [sites] sought to make public this criminal investigation, was conducted in private so as to protect the identities of innocent individuals and the integrity of the investigation,” Kline explained. The attorney general noted that he was the primary author of a “rape shield” bill that passed in the Kansas legislature during his time there that prevents disclosure of rape victim identities.  [, 13Apr05 Topeka]

NOT WORTH REMEMBERING – The doctor who left containers filled with fetuses in a rented storage unit said he simply forgot about them. Dr. Richard Roberts, 62, said he tried to launch a fetal autopsy practice here but failed. The fetuses were from his practice in other states. A group of movers packing up boxes called authorities after finding the fetuses preserved in plastic containers.

“I hadn’t seen them in years,” he said. Roberts is a clinical geneticist who specializes in prenatal diagnosis and evaluation of birth defects. “And, of course, the police have to be certain that I’m not some lunatic cutting up babies and selling them for profit,” he said. Roberts held medical licenses in GA & TN, states where he received permission from parents to perform autopsies on fetuses. None of the fetuses found in the U-Store-It north of University Parkway were from FL, said Roberts, who now works at a children’s hospital in Corpus Christi, TX.

The fetal remains in the Manatee County storage unit had been there for more than 2 years. Roberts said he kept them because “they were extraordinarily interesting. Other times I kept them because I didn’t know what happened. If you keep it long enough you are bound to find out what happened to it.” Dr. Lynn Romrell [chief executive, FL anatomical board] said that while there are numerous educational & research opportunities with fetal remains, he questioned their placement in a commercial storage unit.

After the fetuses were found, Manatee sheriff’s detectives called the Sarasota Co medical examiner’s office, which took the remains. The office is conducting its own investigation into whether Roberts violated medical regulations. State health department records show Roberts has an active medical license in FL, and TX records show he has held a license there since 1982. [ple-news, no.606, 13Apr05;, Apr 8, 2005, Michael A. Scarcella, Manatee County]

INFERTILITY DUE TO ABORTION—Greece is experiencing a high number of couples unable to have children, which specialists say is due to women having had at least one abortion in their past. From 1980-1999, the country has seen a 41% decrease in fertility. More than 250,000 abortions occur in Greece each year, of which 40,000 are on girls younger than 16. Married women account for one-third of all the abortions. [Pro-Life Infonet, HLA Action News, Spr 2002]

MODERN DAY GENOCIDE — Black Genocide. Since 1972, it is estimated that 14 million+ unborn African-American babies have lost their lives to the abortion industry. C. Childress Jr. [dir, Northeast Chapter, Life Education And Resource Network] said: “For every 5 African-American women who get pregnant, 3 have abortions. This is a horrific injustice to women, and it’s decimating our communities.” Since 1973, more than twice as many blacks have died from abortion as from heart disease, cancer, accidents, violent crimes & AIDS combined. Blacks compose ~12% of the US population; but accounted for 36.6% of all abortions (2001); about 1,450 USA black infants are aborted/day. [CDC; AL Citizens Watch Weekly Radio Spots, 02/08/05,;

MO SEXTUPLETS CELEBRATE FIRST BIRTHDAY AFTER PARENTS REFUSED ABORTION — St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, the hospital where they were born, held a birthday bash honoring Ron and Tina Otten’s children. The 3 boys and 3 girls each received their own birthday cake, but singing “Happy Birthday” became difficult when friend

s and family had to insert each of the six names. Jacob, Isabella, Madison, Joshua, Riley and Tyler were born seconds apart about 10 weeks ahead of their normal due date. All are healthy despite the premature birth. The Ottens have had a busy household as they already had two daughters before the set of 6 children were born. “We’ve got a miracle on our hands here and it’s just amazing that everything’s just worked out the way it has,” Ron Otten said. The Ottens chose to go ahead with the pregnancy, even though doctors recommended abortion. The physicians used the phrase “selective reduction,” a procedure in which one or more babies are aborted to improve the chances that the rest will survive and be healthy. But the Ottens rejected the idea of ending the lives of their babies before birth. “We asked them not to even discuss it with us again,” Ron Otten [Belleville, Illinois newspaper]. “We can’t play God.”  [, 13Apr05 Creve Coeur, MO] 

FL HOUSE BACKS ABORTION SITE REGULATIONS — The Florida state House has approved a measure that would put more stringent regulations in place for the state’s abortion businesses. Backers of the bill say it would ensure women’s health and safety and close abortion facilities that don’t comply with the law. The measure would ensure that abortion businesses in the state meet the same health and safety requirements as any legitimate surgical center. Florida House lawmakers approved HB 1041 on a 89-27 vote. “We’re after abortion clinics that do a horrible job, that’s who we’re after,” Rep. Aaron Bean, a Republican and the bill sponsor, said during the vote. A companion measure, SB 1862, has received approval in one Senate committee and is waiting for a second to sign off on it and send it to the Senate floor. Abortion facilities strongly oppose the Women’s Health and Safety Act and pro-abortion lawmakers tried to strip language from the bill discussing the various risks and complications resulting from an abortion. Florida House and Senate committees have also approved legislation to require abortion facilities to tell parents of a teenager girl when their daughter is considering an abortion. [14Apr05, Tallahasee, FL (]