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Pro-Abortion Senators Hold Up FDA Director Vote Because of Plan B

Health Canada Approves Morning After Pill Without a Prescription


ABORTION ADVOCATES DELAY FDA DIRECTOR VOTE OVER PLAN B DRUGS – the Senate is holding the FDA “hostage” until they approve emergency contraception for over-the-counter (OTC) sales. Abortion advocates in the Senate made it official [13Apr] when they delayed a vote on President Bush’s nominee to head the FDA. Pro-abortion lawmakers are upset the federal agency has postponed a decision to approve EC/morning after pill for OTC sales.

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions was scheduled to vote on acting Commissioner Lester Crawford’s nomination to serve as FDA commissioner. However, Democratic Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY) & Patty Murray (WA) say they will block the vote until the FDA makes a decision on the Plan B drugs.

The Plan B drugs are already available in the United States, but patients must first consult with a physician and receive a prescription for the pills. Barr Laboratories, the maker of the drug, wants to sell them over the counter to women 16 years or older. In a hearing on his nomination, Crawford said the drug approval process had been delayed because of the complexity of the request. Drugs normally are approved for over the counter sale to all customers or to none. Implementing the 16 year-old requirement has been complex, he explained. Despite their concerns, the committee had received 100 letters of support for Crawford and only one opposing his appointment.
Plan B/EC/MAP/morning after pill is a sexual predator’s dream-come- true — having EC on the counter next to aspirin would be a nightmare for our youth. Sexual promiscuity/ sexual partners would increase, which would lead to increased STD rates, increased pregnancy rates, and increased abortion rates. Studies have shown that having EC on hand and using it does NOT decrease the abortion rates, which is the main reason for promoting it. Studies are not available to know the long-term effects of these high dose estrogens on young females.]

[Washington, DC, Steven Ertelt April 13, 2005]


PALADIN LABS INC. HAILS APPROVAL OF SALE OF MORNING-AFTER PILL WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION Health Canada approved the sale of the Paladin’s Plan B morning-after birth control pill without a prescription.

The decision by Health Canada, which takes immediate effect, was announced 13Apr05. Health Canada’s decision was supported by the Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists of Canada, the Canadian Medical Assoc and Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada.

Plan B is progestin only, levonorgestrel.

[, 20Apr05, CP, Montreal,; 21Apr05, J. DeCook MD email]