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Florida Parental Notification Law Will Stand

Alabama Unborn Victims of Violence Bill Passed Unanimously; Goes to Governor

Kansas House Approves a Bill to Teach About Abortion in Public High Schools

Idaho Must Pay Planned Parenthood Attorneys on Parental Consent Defeat

AL “BRODY BILL” PASSED UNANIMOUSLY in the Alabama Senate 4April06 and the House concurred with the amends that were added by a vote of 101-0. The amendments had to do with the technical language of the bill.  

Under this legislation the unborn baby is protected from implantation. Instead of using the word conception to define when protection under the law begins, they are using the phrase “at every stage of gestational development in the womb”.  [This would indicate implantation of the embryo in the womb, about 7-10 days after fertilization.] They wanted to use the same language that’s in the federal law.
The Governor is expected to sign it soon. [5April06, J Sullivan, Mobile, email]

KS HOUSE APPROVES BILL TEACHING ABOUT ABORTION IN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS.  The bill requires teaching the details of various abortion procedures, including partial-birth abortions, and telling students that unborn children can feel pain during an abortion. The House voted for the amendment 31March on a 77-48 vote. That changed a bill on state reporting of abortion statistics the Senate already passed and now that chamber must approve the House changes.

Rep. Jan Pauls [D] sponsored the amendment, which also instructs schools teaching student sabout pregnancy to include information about fetal development. The materials must include pictures or drawings of the baby developing at four week stages from conception to birth. Pauls: “It’s important that when children are being taught sex ed, they be aware of what the fetus looks like”. [1Apr06,]

ID MUST PAY PLANNED PARENTHOOD ATTORNEYS on Abortion Lawsuit Defeat. A federal judge has ruled that Idaho must pay more than $380,000 in attorney fees to pro-abortion lawyers who represented PP in its challenge of an ID law that would have required parental consent before a teen could have an abortion. U.S. District Judge Mikel Williams ruled that PP of ID can get the money from the state. However, he reduced the attorney fees from the original $550,000 that PPI sought. With the additional funds the state must spend, it will have forked over a total of $750,000 to defend the parental consent law in courts, thanks to the pro-abortion lawsuit. [6Apr06,]

FL PARENTAL NOTIFICATION LAW STANDS. Citing the recent Supreme Court Ayotte case, US District Judge Stafford refused to grant Planned Parenthood a temporary injunction to stop a similar law in FL. The Ayotte case was also recently cited by the 6th Circuit Court regarding an OH law prohibiting off-label use of RU 486 (PP vs. Taft). While PP has been on the offensive against pro-life state laws, Ayotte is helping to slow their offensive. [HLA Action News, Spring 2006]