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Are ultrasounds 'bad' for women?
Or do ultrasounds provide women with important information they need to make informed decisions?
Can ultrasounds soften mothers' hearts?
You decide… watch this 1-minute video —

As early as 5 weeks after fertilization, unborn babies have an audible heartbeat and recognizable features… the baby in the womb (in utero) is NOT a mere lump of cells…

Surveys show that up to 90% of women who see the ultrasound sonogram, and hear the heartbeat of their baby in utero, choose against abortion and for the life of their baby…

If Tonya had been shown the ultrasound of her child, they may both still be alive…

Tonya, 24, died in Illinois at a Planned Parenthood abortion business (July 2012), and another ambulance arrived later the same day to take a second woman suffering from a botched abortion to the hospital… we do not know her condition.

In January of this year in Birmingham, AL, THREE women ended up at a local hospital on one day, one in ICU for excessive bleeding. While not 'officially counted', it seems we are getting reports of women being injured and/or killed by 'legal' abortion weekly…

It is probably NOT that more injuries are happening lately… it is probably that more pro-life volunteers are OBSERVING & REPORTING these fairly common events. 

Years ago, it was estimated by the abortion industry that LIFE-THREATENING COMPLICATIONS occur in 1 of every 500 abortions

Is this what we call "safe and legal" abortion?