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Assisted suicide advocates have lost in some of the most liberal states in the country. They failed to get bills legalizing the practice approved in Vermont, Hawaii, and even California. Voters in Michigan and Main have rejected ballot proposals as well to promote euthanasia.

Now assisted suicide backers want to make Arizona the next target and State Rep. Linda Lopez spoke in favor of such a bill this weekend.

Her comments came at a meeting sponsored by the Arizona chapter of Compassion & Choices, the leading pro-euthanasia group in the country. “We want to build up membership to support Linda’s bills,” Billie Stockl, president of the State Board of Directors for Compassion & Choices Arizona, told the Arizona Republic newspaper. “We need the numbers to show this is what Arizona wants.”

Lopez first put forward an assisted suicide bill in 2003 and has been proposing one each legislative session since. Pro-life groups are delighted that none of her bills have ever received a hearing.

They also would likely respond to a new bill by citing the case of Jesse Ramirez, who was severely injured in a car crash in a May 30 car accident.

He has since recovered form his coma and appears to be on the road to recovery. [2July07,, Phoenix]