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Pro-life advocates in Aurora, Illinois have filed suit against city officials for voting to dismiss motions they filed to reverse permit decisions allowing the building of a new Planned Parenthood abortion business. The Aurora Zoning Appeals Board voted unanimously to dismiss the motions last month.

City officials disagreed with their contention that the approval of the building permit for Planned Parenthood’s abortion center violated zoning rules.

The zoning board dismissed the case saying the appeal didn’t fall within its jurisdiction. The board also claimed the appeal wasn’t filed in time. A group of citizens teamed up with a local pro-life group for a lawsuit filed for them by the Thomas More Society, a pro-life law firm.

Planned Parenthood, the City of Aurora, Illinois and the Aurora Zoning Board are named in the suit and accused of depriving the families of their right as citizens to voice their concerns about the impact of the abortion business. The suit contends Planned Parenthood used a fictitious name, the Gemini Office Development corporation, to hide its identity during the zoning approval process.

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