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Guy Sebastian, Australian Idol winner: “I think women deserve the right to make an informed and educated decision. Most women never get over the psychological effects of abortion, and without the right counseling, it affects their relationships, confidence, self-esteem for life.”

Sebastian recently made public his plans to use his new-found wealth and fame to fund and build a pregnancy counseling center which will include a hot-line and counseling for pregnant women, as well as counseling and rehabilitation for post-abortion trauma victims.

On an internet forum dedicated to the performing artist, Guy, who is described as ‘deeply religious’, spoke frankly of his desire to “set up a place that women can turn to when considering having [an abortion], a place that makes them aware of the consequences both psychologically and emotionally that it has.”

He goes on to say that “I have come across several different women in my life including close friends who have had horrendous experiences post-abortion…”

“This program is not based on moral judgment but on love and respect, something that we all deserve.”

In addition to founding the pregnancy center, Guy plans on touring impoverished areas in Africa with World Vision and to record a Gospel CD as a means of expressing his fervent Christian faith.

[Sydney,, 26May05]