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On 25Aug the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals refused to rehear the case of an Arizona law that would regulate abortion businesses. Attorneys for Americans United for Life, who are defending the law, expressed disappointment at the decision. “We are disappointed that the Ninth Circuit, by refusing to rehear this important case, has allowed the health and safety of Arizona women to be compromised,” said Denise M. Burke, Senior Litigation Counsel of (AUL). The law, named “Lou Anne’s Law” for Lou Anne Herron, an AZ woman who died from complications from an abortion, was ruled partially unconstitutional by the  

9th Circuit Court in June. As other courts had upheld similar laws, AUL’s attorney’s were resolute to keep trying, and petitioned the Court to reconsider the case. That request has been rejected. “Right now, a dog has more protection in a veterinary clinic than a woman in an Arizona abortion clinic,” said Nikolas Nikas, AUL’s General Counsel who is defending the law along with Burke.”  [, 30Aug04]