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‘Back Alley’ Abortion Businesses, But the Abortions are Legal Now: Commentary


You walk into a medical office, but almost immediately something doesn’t seem quite right. Later you learn that poorly trained staff conducted faulty ultrasounds, filed negligent result reports, and injected you with cut-rate drugs that most legitimate doctors refuse to use due to unacceptably high risks. Then you find out that when you were told more efficient drugs weren’t available in the U.S., it was an outright lie.

Such betrayal and more is experienced daily by women who are lured into Steven Chase Brigham’s American’s Women’s Services abortion facilities. But for one woman, the consequences of Brigham’s substandard staff, policies, and practices will impact her world, and that of her son, for the rest of their lives.

Court documents obtained by Operation Rescue show that abortionist Steven Chase Brigham and his associates Vikram Kaji and Mansour Panah have been hit with a default judgement of $6.5 million in a malpractice case involving a failed methotrexate abortion on Christy O’Connell.

While that may sound like a lot of money, the cost of providing life-time care for her son, who was severely disabled by the abortion drug Methotrexate, will be at least that, or more.

When O’Connell first filed her civil suit in Federal Court, Brigham, Kaji, and Panah never bothered to hire attorneys or respond to the complaint. They simply ignored it and allowed it to default.

Iris Dominy, who actually conducted the methotrexate abortion on Christy O’Connell in July 2012, at Brigham’s “Frederick Primary Care,” also known as American Women’s Services in Frederick, Maryland, was not listed on the default judgement and was the only one of the defendants represented by counsel. However, that does not mean she is any more competent than the rest, as an expert witness report and deposition in this case notes.

“Brigham and his associates, Kaji, Panah, and Dominy are among the worst of the worst and pose a very real danger to the public. It is beyond any reason that Brigham is allowed to continue running his abortion businesses,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “States have been far too lenient for far too long. Their leniency has enabled Brigham and his lackeys to continue their reign of terror over women who are injured, exploited, and abused while their babies are killed or maimed.”

Operation Rescue reported on this Federal civil case in March 2016, focusing on the corners-cutting and dangerous aspects of the use of methotrexate in abortions, which is known to fail in 1 of 5 cases [20%].

It is used by the most disreputable abortion providers, such as Brigham and his cohorts, to cut costs and increase profits at the expense of the life and health of their patients.

[Read that full report — http://www.operationrescue.org/archives/federal-suit-against-disgraced-abortionist-reveals-dangers-of-corners-cutting-methotrexate-abortions/ ]

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[Cheryl Sullenger, Sep 1, 2016, Operation Rescue, Frederick, Maryland]