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Bella’s Parents Gave Her a Kiss Goodbye, Turned Off Her Life Support, and Then She Woke Up

In London, Francesca and Lee Moore-William’s baby was born with a terminal illness. Doctors said she had Mitochondrial disease and would not survive.

They took one last photograph, and wept as one-year-old Bella lay sedated in a hospital’s intensive care unit and her life-supporting ventilator was turned off.

Just 30 minutes later, the toddler, who doctors had given up for dead, began to improve and soon she began kicking and screaming. Just moments after they kissed little Bella goodbye and shut off her life support, the made a miraculous full recovery.

Tomorrow, after a recovery which has stunned her parents and medics, little Bella will celebrate Christmas Day at home with her family.

“We were waiting for her to take her final breath,” Francesca said about her baby girl.

Doctors believe Bella’s deficiency can now be managed with drugs and the little tot has gone home for Christmas to be with her family. … More at LifeNews.com link below…

[Comment: This story is wonderful but perhaps it also should be a story about the need for hope and humility among medical professionals.
As a former ICU nurse and medical ethics committee member, I would have some questions based on the information in this article: How soon after little Bella was admitted that the decision to remove the ventilator was made? What criteria were used? Was the information that a “MRI scan showed abnormalities across both sides of her brain” a deciding factor?
And was Bella was sedated while on the ventilator as most people are? If so, it is possible that the sedating drugs were stopped and were wearing off 30 minutes later, thus allowing her to wake up. Hopefully, Bella will have no permanent effects from the “30 minutes later Bella’s oxygen levels recovered to 100 per cent”. N. Valko RN, http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/miracle-baby-whose-life-support-7063663 ]

[ http://www.lifenews.com/2015/12/24/bellas-parents-gave-her-a-kiss-goodbye-and-turned-off-her-life-support-then-she-came-back-to-life/ ]