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The National Black ProLife Coalition is a network of prolife and pro-family organizations committed to restoring a culture that celebrates Life and Family cultivating Hope in the black community.

On the last day of black history month, February 28, 2011, hundreds gathered across fourteen states to mourn the loss of black lives to the abortion industry.

Led by black leaders in cities across the country, we paused to reflect upon the scourge of abortion and the lives it destroys.

Women are still dying, not as a result of a coat hanger, but at the hands of butchers called abortionists.

Women are being reproductively maimed in the name of choice, as their bowels are perforated and intestines pulled out. Hysterectomies are happening all across the nation, as the real doctors attempt to repair the damage done at the abortionist hands.

Yet, we did not hear about the Day of Mourning through the mainstream media, they blacked us out, not willing to risk shining the light on how anti-woman the abortion industry truly is.

And as has been the case for the past 38 years, we do not hear about the discriminatory impact of abortion and the fifteen hundred black babies that die in abortion dens every day.

We are striving for a world that values every human life, from conception until natural death. We will not be silent while abortion ravages, in epidemic proportions, the black community under the perverted guise of “reproductive justice.”

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