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David Williams, 51, is a father of three with a spinal tumor who considered ending his life. Williams was diagnosed with the tumor in 1990 that left him in “excruciating pain.”

“I was 35 at the time and they (the surgeons) brought me down and said, ‘In two years you will probably be in a wheelchair and you probably won’t reach 40,’ ” he told the BBC.

“It was a bit of a bolt out of the blue really,” he added. Williams told the BBC that the six months after the operation he relied heavily on friends and family and palliative care.

“While I was in all sorts of pain and agony it was very clear to me the distress I was causing the family, especially with Lynne just having (had) the baby and having two children, I did consider euthanasia,” he said.

[9May06,, London]