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In an article published 24Oct [Sacramento Bee], the hypocrisy of Proposition 85’s opponents is revealed in a telling anecdote.

While profiling both opponents and proponents of parental notification before a minor’s abortion, the paper interviewed a young volunteer for the “No on Proposition 85” (opposed to parental involvement) campaign: 15-year-old high school student Briana C. “talked with her mother” before signing up to precinct walk [opposing parental notification] in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

“My mom told me I should go out and do this,” Briana stated.

This Sac Bee article reveals just how ludicrous it is to argue that other young girls can have a major medical procedure without ever talking to their parents when they do need advice on whether to volunteer for a political campaign.

Opponents to Proposition 85’s parental notification requirements often argue that children should be allowed to obtain a surgical or chemical abortion without parents ever being informed.

Briana’s story affirms that minors need the counsel of their parents, especially for life-altering decisions like an abortion.

Briana’s story actually makes the case for why Proposition 85 is necessary.