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A California state Senate committee [28 May 2015] signed off on a bill to legalize assisted suicide and has sent the bill to the full state Senate for a vote.

The Democrat-dominated California Senate Appropriations Committee approved SB 128, “physician-assisted suicide,” where often-misdiagnosed and depressed “terminal” patients would be prescribed a lethal dose of drugs, “inspiring” a suicide culture.

The group Save California called the vote a wimpy “substitute roll call” vote, announced passing 5 to 2, Democrats for and “Republicans against.”

“We wish the Republicans on the committee had demanded a roll call vote, because then it could have been close. Democrat Connie Leyva announced she would be voting yes on the bill’s fiscal aspects, but “still has a little research” to do on the merits of the bill,” the group said.

The organization is concerned Democrats in California will turn the state into a beacon for those wanting to kill themselves with a law preying on the elderly and disabled.

“Will California do suicide prevention or suicide promotion?” asked President Randy Thomasson.

“Because it’s a totally mixed message to tell depressed people ‘live’ and ‘die,’ ‘save yourself’ and ‘kill yourself.’

If the State of California promotes ‘physician-assisted suicide’ with SB 128, there will be copycat suicides and self-inflicted suicides, especially among young people, because you’re sending the deadly message that ‘suicide is the answer.’” …

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[Steven Ertelt, May 29, 2015, Sacramento, CA, ]